Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fun In The Sun - Part 3

Our vacation wouldn't be complete without some family pictures.  I love pictures.  They help to remind me of moments past, moments that I can't get back again but I can continue to enjoy each time I see them.  And these sweet moments will always be fun for me to look back on.

Can I just say, I cannot believe how big my little people are?  This was our first beach vacation in nine years where I didn't have to bring swim diapers or a pack 'n play!  It feels like a total win!  I told Adam several times, I truly truly love the baby stage, its one of my favorites, but honestly, I'm really enjoying this stage where everyone can go and do without needing a nap or requiring us to keep a tight schedule.  I loved that I could sit on the beach and read almost an ENTIRE book while my kids played at the waters edge and didn't need my constant supervision.  That's what made this trip feel so much more relaxing then in years past and I loved it!

I am blessed that these little friends call me "Mom".  This is what I always wanted to be.

And this man right here, he is my rock, my encourager, my best friend.  We have so much fun together, even if its ten hours in the car with our little friends listening to their moviethon.  We laughed together, sang together, talked and just simply enjoyed each others company in the seat beside us.  He is all that I prayed for in a spouse and I am humbled and feel so undeserving of his adoration and love.  I love him with my whole heart and thoroughly enjoyed our time away.

Here's Poppy and Grammy surrounded by all their grandkids.

How precious are these two?!  Melt.My.Heart!

Here's another cute family! 

Papa and his boys.

And sweet baby Abigail.

Here we all are minus Sidney and John.  We truly missed them and wished that they could've been there with us.  We'll look forward to the next beach vaca where we can all be together.

The cousins had a great time all week long.  They played well and played hard together, which makes these sweet pictures even sweeter.

Cousin time truly is a fun time!  I love this one!

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