Monday, June 27, 2016

Life Lately

Our summer has been fairly busy.  Ava Jane recently did swim lessons and did not enjoy them. Though I can't blame her because the week she went it was raining and the water was freezing.  Poor baby girl had purple lips and was so super cold that she was miserable.  So, her entry into the swimming pool this season has been slower (but that has honestly been fine with me since she's been hanging out in the shallow area playing with her pool toys--its made it really nice for me!)  However, in the past few days she's gotten braver and has recently been taking baby steps into deeper waters and is loving it!

Lawson has been interested to take tennis lessons for a while now, so this Spring he started and has really enjoyed playing each week with his buddies.

Two weeks ago, both boys went to golf camp and enjoyed it very much.  This is Peyton's fourth year to go and Lawson's second.  The first day Peyton was the winner for the best chip shot and on Thursday Lawson won three rounds.  They had a great time even though it was quite hot.  The ice cream at the end of the week helped put a smile on their faces for sure!!

Emerson got to do Safety Town this past week with a large group of incoming Kindergarteners to schools all over Little Rock.  They learned everything from how to deal with stranger danger to knowing their address and parents phone number.  He learned songs and little sayings that he's been singing all throughout the week.  When I asked him on Monday how his first day went, he said "Mom, it was THE.BEST.DAY.EVER!"  I smiled a big Momma smile knowing that he'd truly had a great time!  Over the week they were able to get in a Sheriffs vehicle, step aboard a helicopter, visit with firemen dressed in all their gear, but Emerson's favorite part was when he got the chance to drive the vehicles around "the town" in the gym.

These cuties enjoyed carpooling together.

How adorable is he up there on the top riser on graduation day, looking through his "binoculars" as he scanned the crowd for us?  Once he found Adam and me he kept waving and singing his little heart out!  Oh how I love this guy!

These kiddos singing "if it rolls in the street don't chase it" from Kinder Music was pure entertainment!   I'm glad he had such a fun time with all his little friends.

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