Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Morning on the Farm - Picking Blueberries

Saturday morning we took the kids out to BoBrook Farms to pick blueberries.  It turned out to be a nice, slightly overcast morning, which was a welcomed relief from the last time we were out there in the blazing sun.   It had been raining so the ground was quite mucky, but that didn't stop this crew from picking buckets and buckets of berries.

This little cutie in the rain boots makes my heart want to melt.

We were afraid that we'd missed the window to pick blueberries but were pleased to find out that there was still plenty of fruit to gather up. (You can pick blueberries through the end of June out there.) It's really simple, the kids can do it and it is SO.MUCH.CHEAPER to buy them by the bucket then the tiny plastic container at the grocery store.  We paid $20 for the big white bucket.

Lachlan and Whitney met up with us.  How cute is this little dude?!  He enjoyed playing in the puddles and picking up dirt and rocks, not so much picking the berries.  Emerson decided to share his little bucket with them to help their stock pile grow.

We had a fun morning out on the farm and have been enjoying the fruits of our labor every day!

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