Saturday, January 31, 2015

And So It's Begun...

We are well into the 2015 Basketball season. This year we chose to have Peyton be on a team with some friends from his school and church, after having been on a team for several years with our wonderful neighbors. Though we do miss the Mack boys and time spent with them, we are grateful for the opportunity for him to get to play with boys he see daily at school. With that said, Adam decided to coach both Peyton and Lawson's team, which seemed like no big deal when I was filling out the forms in Scottsdale last year, but now that we're living it out….I'm gonna be honest, it's kind of all consuming.

Take today for instance, Adam and Lawson left the house for team pictures at 7:45 (THAT.IS.EARLY!) His game was from 9-10, we had an hour and a half to get some things done at home and feed them lunch before Adam and Peyton headed back to the gym at 11:45 for his team pictures and then his game was 1-2. So, yes, I spent a lot of time inside Agape's gym today. Even so, it is really fun to watch the boys get super excited just to put on their uniforms but even more excited when the ball that they have dribbled all the way down the court with one arm up (guarding against the other team from stealing it) and then when it does in fact swish through the hoop…that's a great moment watching their reactions! Both arms straight up, pumping the air in excitement….and that makes the early mornings, the crazy moments of keeping the other kiddos at bay for 2 hours on the side lines, all worth it.

So here's few pics from the season so far. On Lawson's team, this is everyone's first year to play, so its pretty comical to watch these little ones. (Having sweet friends on the team makes it all the more fun!)




There's definite excitement when a teammate scores some points!

And they're learning sportsmanship, which is very important.

Since this is Peyton's third year to play, he is gaining confidence dribbling the ball from one end to the other and driving in toward the goal.




Those of us on the sidelines stay busy with stickers and crayons, iPads and iPhones, popcorn and goldfish. I look like a pack mule carrying in a huge bag of distractions that don't always do what I intended for them to. Like today, it was taking a little longer then usual to load the games and Ava Jane WAS.NOT.HAVING it! So after several rounds of screaming we made a trip to the ladies room…thankfully she chose to stop! We also have spent a little time with the Upwards Mascot (whose name has eluded me at this moment).



And here's our little cowboy chilling with his snack of skittles…and yet again, we don't go anywhere without these boots…have I mentioned that before?!! And this hair, the yucky nose and the cocked to the side hat all proves that these last few Saturdays have been pretty grueling with early starts, long periods of me giving this and that trying to just make it through the entire two games.


Hope you've had a good weekend! Ours has been pretty laid back this afternoon which has been nice after the last two weeks of constant illness.

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