Monday, January 26, 2015

Celebrating 4 Years

This year we decided to do a combined birthday for Emerson and JoJo since they are just four weeks apart. With their birthdays smack dab in the middle of winter its hard to plan a home party for lots of kiddos since the weather is always a gamble, so we chose to do a Jumpzone inflatable party. I think the boys had a great time! Trying to get two excited kiddos to look at the camera just didn't happen, this was the best shot of the two of them that I could get in their kingly birthday chair.

The boys loved bouncing and running all over that place!


Some of the slides are quite high but that did not deter them one bit!


There was some crawling, walking, jumping and of course lots of bouncing--fun was had by all.





This is what a head full of two year old hair looks like in mid-jump motion! She was Miss Independent the entire party.  Keeping up with this chick was a full time job!

Once again, I couldn't have pulled it all off without the help of my parents, they always are ready to jump in however I need them and for that I'm so thankful!  Lawson unfortunately started running fever while we were at church so my Dad volunteered to stay home with him while we did the party.  And Mom saved the cupcakes from some little girl (who wasn't a party guest) who thought it'd be fun to run her fingers across the icing, lick her said fingers and then proceed to do it again. Really?!  (Thankfully she only got to three of the cupcakes!)

The boys enjoyed blowing out their "4" candles but poor JoJo's cupcake did a little acrobatics off the plate so he got to have "Happy Birthday" sung to him twice.  I love how both boys are blowing their candle out with such gusto, that's pretty cute!



And these sweet boys, oh how I hope that they'll be life long friends! The faces are priceless, there's the goofy face, the no smile and then the fake squinty-eyed smile--I'll just take what I can get!

We had fun partying with lots of friends and family. The cupcakes and ice cream were a hit with everyone, even a few parents jumped in on the sugary goodness. I don't think Ava Jane enjoyed hers at all!



Thanks to all who came out and helped us celebrate these two boys. I'm pretty sure our little cowboy had a terrific time! It looks like JoJo did too!  It's hard to believe four years (with Emerson) have come and gone.  Though JoJo still has a few days until he's officially four, we're all so grateful for the time we've been given with these little guys!  We sure love these kiddos and are glad that they get to grow up near one another.



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