Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Emerson!

Emerson Clark has been a blessing to our family since God graced us with his presence four years ago today. This morning we celebrated with sprinkle donuts and donut holes which are his all time favorite!

We lovingly called him our "easy going Emerson" for the first year of his life. As he has gotten older and his personality has continued to develop we have begun to use the adjective, "intense" to describe him. He does everything with gusto, with volume, with intensity! He loves to sing at the top of his lungs. His favorite song, as always, has been the "Holy" song. For Christmas we got the boys some Toby Mac CD's and he enjoys singing any and all of those songs, particularly, "Me Without You" (which talks about what we'd be like without God). To hear him singing this song as loud as he can is pretty sweet, though I often have to say, "Em, I love to hear you sing but could you please sing a little softer?"

Right now, he's still into Cars and all things Lightening McQueen. When I asked his favorite show, its definitely Octonauts. He still has a shoe fetish but these days he's all about his cowboy boots (which he says aren't shoes, so don't make that mistake. He has worn the sole off of his current ones so today he got a new pair. He literally wants to wear them everyday (along with any one of his Razorback shirts) and every once in a while he actually asks to nap in his boots and cowboy hat, to which I lovingly say "yes, as long as you stay in your bed and truly nap".


Out of all of our boys, this little guy loves to tell stories and I must say he's quite creative. Recently he told Adam and I about a "lunger-builder". Have you heard of these? According to him, its an under water crane that has a car but cannot float, though it does have tires. Then there's also these things called "red-gups" and "blue-gups". They are a type of submarine and the red ones can fly while blue ones cannot. See what I mean…flying, underwater submarines? His imagination runs wild and it's often pretty comical to hear him tell a story. As of late he likes to tell us about "when I was old, I used to be in the Army and I went to war." (I think he's just recalling little bits of what he's heard Adam say about his own military experience.) It's pretty cute how when kids say something funny and they get a good laugh from their audience, they keep repeating that line over and over again assuming that they'll get the same reaction each time. Currently the line that Emerson keeps telling us, is from the Ice Age Wii game where Sid says, "Lets do a viiiictoooory dance!" Emerson always jumps up from the kitchen table quoting this line and doing a little wiggly dance, the first time was really quite funny.

This little guy is by far our most polite child, usually easily saying "please" and "thank you" without having to be prompted. He regularly asks me, "Mom are you OK?" patting me on the back or stroking my arm, he seems to genuinely be concerned with how I am and easily offers hugs when I ask him for one.

Earlier this year (in October) we were having a conversation in the car about wanting to go to heaven. I proceeded to re-explain how we get to go to heaven (by recognizing our sin, asking God to forgive us and then by asking Jesus to come into our hearts.) Emerson said he wanted to ask Jesus to come into his heart so we called Daddy and over the speaker phone we prayed together. Adam and I realize that he is quite young, so we will continue to explain what Jesus has done for us and in us and continue to help him memorize scripture and develop a foundation of belief. We hope and pray that the seeds continue to take root and grow in his heart.

We love this sweet boy and are thankful that God chose us to be his parents. We love you Emerson and hope you have a great birthday!

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