Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well, we have now entered the world of Basketball. He loved his first practice! Is he no SO.STINKING.CUTE!

We put Peyton in Upwards Basketball this season and he's enjoying it so far. If you know Peyton at all he's a little bit timid at first, it takes some warming up before he feels comfortable with new things. Luckily, he knows a couple of the boys on his team and he has a great coach, both, just happens to be our neighbors across the street. We are so thankful for Coach Deidra and his friends Hayden and Garrett.

Today was the first game at Agape. He loved wearing his jersey and shorts. Here, he came out as they introduced the "Gazelle's"...its not the fiercest of creatures, definitely not intimidating, but the names of the other teams were the Giraffe's and Polar Bears, just saying!


Prepping before the game started...

A few of his fans in the stands...

They match each kid up to guard certain players with similar skills as them, and the way they identify who they are guarding is by wearing matching wrist bands...Here they are lining up meeting who they are guarding...

And there's our cute #3...

And an action shot!

And here, he's shooting...he got it up there but it didn't go in...maybe next time!

We'll be there every Saturday morning, can't wait to watch him play over the next several months!

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