Thursday, January 8, 2015

Life With Kids Means Lots of Doctors Visits

Well, today was supposed to be a re-check for the ear infection that Ava Jane had two weeks ago. She's been a little more fussy then usual and not eating well either, so I made an appointment on Monday and Thursday morning was the soonest they could get us in. I actually made a double appointment since Emerson has had his continuous yucky nose so that was nice that I was able to "kill two birds with one stone". The only downside was that this is technically my Mother's Day Out and I had several items on my agenda. But, with having kids comes the responsibility of their care. So instead of dropping them off and running hither and yon, I spent two and a half hours at the pediatricians office. After a chest x-ray Ava Jane ended up having pneumonia and another ear infection which may explain her fussier then usual behavior. As for Emerson, he has yet another sinus infection, so I guess I need to go ahead and schedule his allergy shots, which is a total bummer!

I had everything ready to go (including two dozen cupcakes to celebrate Emerson's birthday that is tomorrow) just in case their appointment went well and they could in fact go to school today, but you must already have inferred that I DID NOT end up dropping them off. We went straight to the pharmacy (and here's a little side note, we love The Drug Store on Green Mountain Drive!) They are so wonderful, they had only had our prescriptions entered in the computers just a few minutes before we walked in the doors but Phillip and his team were quickly filling all our meds so that we could get on home. They have impeccable service, they truly are wonderful; I love shopping locally!


And since lunches were already packed and ready to be eaten, we decided to have a little picnic while watching Sofia the First. I love little moments like these and I would've missed it if I'd been anywhere else.


Some days just don't go as planned…and with kids, most days get high jacked some how. It is a hard season, to be in the stage where the kids are sick almost continually, where someone either has a nasty nose, is running a fever, getting the Flu, Pneumonia or just the wintry cold. I won't lie, it is frustrating at times, but "it is, what it is" and this too shall pass. My older kids rarely get sick anymore so I know better days are just around the corner. Til then, I'm trying to find joy in the journey and not let Satan get the victory when my plans get completely over turned and little to no boxes get marked off my to-do list.

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