Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

I can hardly believe that Christmas has come and gone. We had a full week of Christmas gatherings each night over the past week. We had fun catching up and visiting with extended family that we don't see as often.

Christmas Eve we went to the Candle Light service at our church. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about how the children would do during the 50 minute service so I went armed with fruit snacks, peppermints (already unwrapped--to cut down on the crinkling noise) along with crayons and coloring books. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with how well they did, particularly Emerson and Ava Jane and I was impressed that we made it through the entire service--no one had to leave and no one caught anything on fire!



As we put the kids to bed that night we set their alarms and told them that they could not come out of their rooms until their alarms went off at 6:45. Adam and I set ours too for twenty minutes earlier so that we could "ease" into the Christmas morning a bit, prep the camera and get some hot tea to sip on. The kids were super excited to see what they got…what fun it was to see their enjoyment!



We had a big breakfast and celebrated Jesus' birthday in true birthday fashion with hats and candles. We finished up our advent book and enjoyed singing a couple of Christmas carols before the kids dove back into their toys and games. It really was a fun, laid back morning!






Mid morning we headed over to the Head's house for more Christmas goodies. We ate a tasty brunch and enjoyed singing some Christmas carols with Uncle Joseph after we opened up all the presents. Emerson got a cowboy outfit complete with chaps, a Sheriff's badge, 2 guns and a holster…he loves dressing up and he enjoyed this gift very much!


                                                                "Stick 'em up partner!"


               It was such a beautiful day that we played outside a little bit and enjoyed some fresh air.



                      She has a big "crush" on her monkey, he must go with us wherever we go.

Cousin time is a fun time, particularly while watching old home movies of Aunt Molly and Grammy tap dancing! It was super cute and kinda funny to see the outfits, hair and of course the cute dance moves!!


In the mid afternoon we headed to my parents house for a delicious dinner and more gifts to open.  The kids were excited to have more to unwrap!



Ava Jane loves her new kitchen, thanks Gigi and G-Dad!


We had a great time being together! We ate a delicious dinner and watched our family favorite, White Christmas. I love the Sister, Sister song…we can't help but sing along!


I hope that even in the midst of the crazy fast pace of the Christmas season that you were able to experience a little "all is calm, all is bright". I am so thankful that love came down so that even in the harry moments (of whiny kids, and in the midst of fevers that have come and gone over the past few days, and the flu that has struck several in my family over the past 48 hours) we can still find peace, "heavenly peace". Because Jesus chose to come down into this mess of a world to save and restore, he offers perfect peace that I can't imagine doing life without it.

I have to be honest, my tree is still up as are all the other decorations, but that's OK. I must say that I'm still enjoying the lights on the tree and the glow of the fire. Right now, in this moment, I'm enjoying the "all is calm, all is bright." Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Loved reading about your Christmas, Courtney! Hope all everyone is well soon, and I wish you a wonderful 2015!


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