Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Time With Friends

Today, with the boys home from school, I decided to do a play date with friends. Initially I threw out the idea of going to the Trampoline Park, but when a friend suggested coming to her house to play and have a picnic since it is SUCH beautiful fall weather, we chose the later. And when I told the boys that a John Deere tractor ride was in the cards too, they were all about it.  (And getting to take the exciting ride with one of THE coolest teachers at school was pretty awesome too!)






Last week at our BLOOM luncheon, one of our pastors was talking about things that he would like to pray for us mothers. It was a really encouraging talk but I think the part I walked away from with the most encouragement was when he said this, "give them grace to fight and rest". Fight for time in the scriptures, fight for quality time with friends, fight for quality time with their husband and kids." Those were all things that really hit home to me. These are all areas where I want to fight and fight hard. It was both an encouragement and challenge for me, particularly with the area of friends.  I realize that the group of women God has placed in my path is not always the norm, nor is it anything that I want to take for granted. There have been times (during several of our job moves) where friendships have wained or not been there to fall back on, but here, now, in this time, God has so graciously given me good, strong, Christian friends who build me up, challenge me spiritually and help call me to a higher standard. I am so thankful for the women God has placed in my life and I'm really thankful that we all have kids about the same ages who will hopefully be iron sharpening iron for this next generation that we're raising!

I love these women, here's a picture from our last girls trip. We definitely need to do another one of these soon! Ladies, I love you and am so grateful for each of you!

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