Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Last Friday, was Halloween. It also happened to be a field trip day for Lawson's class at school so it was a full day of fun. His kindergarten class went to Bo Brook Farms and got to enjoy a beautiful crisp fall day. The kids had a great time.

There were funny faces and lots of running around being silly.


There was a hay ride and a picnic lunch.

And of course, "sugar pumpkins" to pick. Since they'd been studying pumpkins at school, this kind gentleman told the kids a little bit more about "sugar pumpkins" then they were off to find one (or three, in Lawson's case).


The kids had a great time being out of school. I decided to top off the day by checking Lawson out and take him home with me…he was elated and sang all the way to the house!!

We had a little time to kill before heading to see the grandparents so we played outside with neighbors which was so nice. We went by both grandparents houses making the rounds and getting a jump start on some candy loot.

Then we joined some friends for dinner and trick or treating. Our small group from church has a tradition of getting together for dinner then heading out to fill the buckets with all that sugary goodness.

Carol and John graciously opened their home to our slew of children who eagerly anticipated the walk from door to neighborly door. To be clear, it was complete chaos, but it was fun chaos no less! We decided, before setting out on our adventure, to try and get a group shot of all their dressed-up cuteness, here are most of the kiddos.

I hope these two little girls become fast friends, how cute are they?

There were a couple of duplicate costumes, though we didn't plan any of them. These boys are such good friends, and for that I'm so thankful!

These two bumble bees were not interested in looking at the camera one tiny bit, so this is the best I got.

I'm certain the neighbors must have felt a tiny bit overwhelmed when they opened their doors to a crowd of 20 something kiddos all at once saying "trick or treat".

Thankfully they were all real kind and generous with their candy. Momma here, has been enjoying some of it over the last few days…particularly the Whoppers! Notice that there are NONE left in this bucket! So, that's a wrap up of our October, hope you had a great weekend and have had a good start to the week.

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