Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend In Review

Well this past weekend held some real highs and real lows:

High: The boys were thrilled to get to go fishing. They always love to get out on the boat.
photo 1-9

photo 2-5

Low: Not shortly after they left I discovered the oh so glorious opportunity to clean up Ava Jane's throw up, not once but five different times through the late evening. After the second bath and change of clothes, I decided she could just walk around in her diaper instead of going through tons of clothes. She however wanted to "spruce" up her little get up so she brought her new dress up jewelry, high heels and purse to me to help her put it all on. She was pretty cute click-clacking around in the high heels and diaper!

High: We'd been planning to go to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning and since Ava Jane made it all night and through the morning without any more stomach problems we decided to head out to Bo Brook Farms. It was a beautiful fall morning, a perfect day for picking pumpkins!

Low: Before we left, we found a significant leak coming from our kitchen sink so that caused a slight delay in our leaving. Both Adam and I didn't have the best reaction to this discovery. It was one of those situations where you get all the water cleaned up, you try a new hose and still the leak sprayed underneath the sink. This scenario happened about three times before we just set the project aside and left for the pumpkin patch.  We had to actually put a sign on our faucet in order to keep our kids from using it.

High: Saturday was a spectacularly beautiful fall day spent with my family!





Peyton is such a great big brother; he loves taking care of Ava Jane.

They have a big field of beautiful sunflowers that was pretty fascinating to walk through.




Their farm is beautiful and has lots to do. There's a few farm animals to see, a hay maze, a "pool" of corn kernels and of course, a hay ride. They have a cute store with all kinds of pumpkins and fall decor too.








I love this man! Even when frustrating things happen (like an unplanned leak in the kitchen) and disagreements occur, I love how humble and forgiving he always is with me. I'm so very thankful that we can work through difficult moments like that morning and still make more fun memories like the ones we made on Saturday.

How cute are these boys, oh how I love them!  I would say our day at the pumpkin patch was a success!

Low: On Sunday, Emerson did not take a nap. He finally fell asleep sitting at the table and this is how I found him. Poor little guy, how uncomfortable does that look? Waking him up was a low moment but trying to keep him awake so that he would sleep all night was a real, real LOW!

So that's how our weekend went down.  Hope you have had a good start to your week.

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  1. Fantastic pumpkin patch photos! I love that farm--missed going there this year! Beautiful family.


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