Friday, October 31, 2014

Camping Trip

Last weekend we went with Adam's parents up to Petite Jean Mountain to go camping and hiking. It was a perfect weekend for being outdoors, it was cool but not cold and beautifully sunny…it really was a fun time.

We enjoyed our big breakfast with bacon, sausage links, eggs and toast.  The kiddos had a great time looking for sticks and rocks and kept themselves thoroughly entertained by playing with the bungee chords and tying themselves to the trailer.

After breakfast we headed for the hike. Honestly, there are several different trails to choose from, but the one we chose is pretty strenuous for little people.  We did the Cedar Falls Trail.   It's about a 2 mile hike down into the canyon where massive stone boulders and huge trees can be found all along the path.  You start out at the top and hike down into the canyon. This path doesn't let you "ease" into anything, it just starts right up in high gear and keeps giving unil you reach the bottom.

The views were really beautiful!


Poppy gave the boys a little pep talk and explained to them that they needed to walk and not run…they were totally pumped while Ava Jane took in the scenery around her.


We let Emerson start off by walking and holding someone's hand which proved completely necessary every time he tripped and stumbled. The trail was beautiful, the trees were bright with fall foliage and really just stunning. We stopped for a nice long snack break as we took in the scene around us which consisted of me climbing all over the boulders following Emerson and the big boys so that I could keep my eyes on them. To say it was "breath taking" would mean that I was out of breath from climbing around after them and growing exhausted with Emerson's freedom of mobility. I did sit for a second and had a water break but we needed to get moving again pretty quick.


At the end is a beautiful spot for pictures, where a tall water fall spills over into a small pond. The boys enjoyed climbing all over the rocks.  By the time we made it to the canyon floor, where the water fall is located, Mama here was more than insistent that he had to go into one of the hiking backpacks. I was tired of the drama of it all and thankfully he willingly rode on Daddy's back.


It's always so nice to be out in nature and to see God's creativity and beauty up close. It truly was a perfect day for being outside.



I love those boys.

Poppy took the bullet for me for a while and let Ava Jane ride on his back; I was so thankful. The trek back up the hill was pretty intense so we were all grateful when we could finally see the lodge again. Being back at the top was lovely---for more reasons then just the obvious beauty!

This was our home away from home, where we had good food, encouraging conversations and made new memories. The boys had a blast and honestly they all did really well. There were a few moments in the night where Ava Jane woke up from the barking dogs in the campsite and she began crawling around the tent, but usually crawled back up and laid with Adam or me. Surprisingly, it really went pretty well.

I think the weekend was a complete success! Five days later and they're still asking to go back…maybe next year!

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