Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Few Milestones

As I was looking through my pictures over the last few days I found several fun "milestones" that I thought I'd share:

I've been keeping my sweet nephew, Theodore, for several hours a week.  I needed to run a few errands so I gathered some snack traps and sippy cups and headed out the door.  We went several places and finished up at Target.  Taking three kiddos (ages 3, 2 and 1) went surprisingly well.  I did have a few comments of "wow, you have your hands full", but that's to be expected.  For the most part, they did awesome and we'll venture out and do it again tomorrow (except we'll be at the doctors office for a 2 year check for Ava Jane.)

And the milestone in this picture is that on the way home, all THREE of them fell asleep. They even made it through the "transfer process" into each of their beds! That's a milestone wouldn't you say?!!

Having lunch with Daddy at the hospital shouldn't feel like a milestone, but it sort of does.  Because there have been rules about children under 13 not going up on the floors, so we have simply stayed away from meeting him for lunch at work.  But now that they have created a 30 minute time limit for young children to be on the other floors we decided to pay Daddy a visit.  Emerson was excited about his chocolate bread pudding.


Our next "milestone" is that we now have everyone sitting at the kitchen table.  I finally got Ava Jane a new booster seat, which she LOVES.  She enjoys being a "big" girl and has even started wanting to drink out of an uncovered cup much to my chagrin.   (Sippy cups make it so much less messy, but she is pretty adamant.)  And please don't judge the paper plate usage.  We had been at soccer practice and this Mama was trying to make it easy on herself!

This next "milestone" is pretty exciting for me!  Ava Jane has been waking up dry at nap time and tee-teed in the potty twice this week.  It will be quite comical to me if she and Emerson potty train in the same year; that'd be just amazing!!  I've always heard that girls are easier, and after the struggle with Emerson, I'm hoping that's the case.


The next milestone is that I was able to attend Lawson's first kindergarten field trip.  They loved their bus ride.  How cute are these boys?   We got to enjoy a beautiful day for a picnic then watched Go Dog Go, a really cute play for kids that was done at the Arkansas Arts Center. There are lots of fun shows coming up so if you're interested in the Children's Theatre check out this link.


Lawson was so excited to be out of school, you can't tell it from any of these pictures can you?



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  1. Lawson cracks me up! And Emerson is looking more and more like Peyton as he gets older. Love you and miss you!


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