Monday, December 9, 2013

Ice-Pocalypse High's and Low's

The past few days have been spent (mostly indoors) with family and friends. If you live around these parts, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Literally the day before we had these freezing temperatures, it was a sunny 73 degrees in December, really?. It was definitely not normal and I had a hard time believing the predicted weather that was coming. But come it did!
photo 3

Low: This is what Kroger looked like when I finally decided I should do the responsible and Motherly thing of stocking up on a few staples. There was the lone bag of buns…and absolutely no ground beef! Thankfully I usually have a couple of both of these in my freezer so that was really a "high" since I obviously would have been so out of luck!
photo 1-4
photo 2-3

High: So with the announcement of the school closing, we had a family movie night. And I enjoyed the glow of our Christmas tree.

Low: And just incase the weather and the possibility of 7-10 days of power outages (that Entergy was predicting) wasn't enough, we added two rodents to the mix! Snowflake and Jumper are Peyton's class pets and we'd volunteered to keep them over the weekend, that's usually three nights and 2 full days. Lucky for us, we got two extra days (Thursday and Monday) with them. They really were pretty easy and the kids were enthralled with them. Though I must say they are definitely nocturnal, when the lights go out, they really get going, they had to be moved in order for Adam and I to sleep!

It wasn't long before the boys wanted to get out their ski stuff and play in the snow…oh wait, I mean the ICE! Tons of ice! But they didn't care!

It was literally so slick that Emerson had to crawl around.

The boys had such a blast!

Ava Jane and I stayed nice and cozy and enjoyed the delicious Johnny cakes (pancakes made with cornmeal) that Adam made for everyone! I think she loved them, I know I sure did!!

High: There was a pizza night with friends. The kids watched a movie while us parents played cards. I loved hanging out with the Spensts. Life is so much better with good friends. Here's a few of our crazies…

Low: One day we won't be interrupted by wailing upstairs, diapers that need to be constantly changed or children that need to be spoon fed…but until then, we'll enjoy the camaraderie in the midst of the crazy!

High: The next few days were spent in the snow with both sets of grands…

My cuties…

Ava and I enjoyed watching from the window, it was warmer that way!

Low: There is quite a bit of "yuck" to keep up with in snowy/icy weather…it seems that there are constant puddles on the floor along with lots of wet clothes.

High: I got the privilege of enjoying lunch at the Heads, then dinner at my parents. It was two meals in a row where I didn't have to cook, that's a definite HIGH!!

The boys had a blast on G-Dad's 4 wheeler.
photo 3-2

Low: I'd inadvertently taken the boys gloves home with me when they spent the night with my parents. Gigi used her ingenuity and used colorful socks and ziplock bags (notice Lawson's hands in the picture) until I got back with their gloves.

I got started on a little of my holiday cookie baking. I have 9 dozen finished so far…I have several more to go!

I decided we'd get out of the house today and have lunch with my Mom and my nieces at CFA. Apparently all of WLR had the same idea! It was nice seeing people and being out, but the play area was over whelmed with children and there weren't any tables near it so unfortunately we just ate and then left…without burning any energy off. Boo! But the low got lower when I got into my car and it wouldn't even turn over. Thankfully I carry jumper cables under the seat, so with Mom's wonderful help, we were able to get it charged up and going again!
photo 4

I felt like a real woman being able to jump the car! We didn't need a wrecker, so far its just a jump…here's hoping we don't need an alternator. After checking the battery the guy said "it's not the battery"…only time will tell, we'll see if it starts tomorrow.

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