Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wrapped Around His Finger

Lately, Ava Jane has really been active. Our sweet girl is beginning to have a personality, to laugh at her brothers, she's enjoying feeding herself at the table and talking up a storm. She's mastered crawling up the stairs, she's learning to go down them on her belly and she's just about to take off walking. She is our precious little miracle and we love seeing her reach all her milestones.

The other night at dinner the boys had already left the table, she was sitting with Adam and I while we were talking and she just sweetly laid her head down on the table top as if to take a little rest from the conversation.

She is learning to play the "drums". Since there's a lot of noise going on in this house, she's learning she's gonna have to make some too in order to keep up!

She is just a sweet blessing, and a nice reprieve from our loud boys. Literally she will sit at the table and eat so quietly that we hardly even notice that she's there. And she is a great little eater too, she can put the boys to shame which might explain how she's now in the 50% on her weight (up from the 3rd at one time!) Don't you agree that she's a doll baby?

Peek a boo, I see you!

To be fair, and realistic, she does have her moments though...but she's only human! She can't be perfect 100% of the time! Look at those lips, oh how pitiful!

Her Daddy loves her immensely, and she is what he lovingly calls, his "girly-girl". I believe it is safe to say that she has him wrapped around her little finger! And I don't think he minds it one bit!

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