Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Team Head"

This semester, the book that my Bible study is going through at church is called The Christian Parenting Handbook, it has really been a great read and I highly recommend it to anyone with kids of all ages, there's pertinent information and practical examples that have challenged and encouraged me.

One chapter that stood out recently was about pulling your family together through teamwork. The authors say, "When your family is being pulled in too many different directions because of individual needs and interests, it may be time to focus on teamwork. Only through organization and cooperation can a team succeed. The same is true in a family."

So we pulled together to get our yard and my parents yard finished! As I've mentioned, we'd been living at my parents house for two weeks, so Adam and I wanted to leave their home in mint condition inside and out so we set to the task as "Team Head" to rake and mow both yards and theirs is a very large front and back yard. It took four and a half hours on their yard alone, 22 yard bags, 2 adults, a 6 year old and a 4 year old to get the job done; there was a little whining and a few "I'm thirsty's", but I'm happy to report, we pulled together and attacked the leaves!

Here's most of my boys...oh how I love them!

After all that raking and bagging we took a little rest...

See, there were smiles, even in the midst of hard work!

Then it was time for our yard...raking out the flower...

Picking up sticks...with his mighty muscles...in rain boots of course!!

There were even a few moments to ponder the deep thoughts of life. Ha! I love that I caught you like this babe!

And Peyton wanted to take a picture so I let him use the "big camera"...

The lesson we talked about a lot while raking the yard was that even though we have to do some hard work sometimes, we also get to enjoy doing fun things as a family. There's a time for working together and a time for playing as well. Its a privilege to get to work alongside one another to see a job accomplished. The authors say, "One of the signs of a successful family is the ability to work as a team." I was proud of "Team Head" for our stamina and perseverance! I look forward to playing hard together this next weekend!

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