Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This weekend Adam and I got to enjoy going back to Fayetteville to cheer on our beloved Hogs as they fought against Texas A & M! I won't sugar coat the fact that getting out of town was a tad bit harry, it always is, with trying to get 4 kids packed up and settled somewhere. Bill and Donna can attest that our trying to get out of town was complete with not being able to locate our tickets (because we were moving all of our belongings so that our hardwoods could be sanded and refinished and tile put down in our kitchen and laundry room), so while I took the kids to the Head's, Adam stayed at the house to search for the tickets, after I got the kids settled I realized I couldn't find my phone (the one that I had just had) which was super frustrating. I was just about to leave to go help Adam, forgetting about the phone, when he called to say he'd found them and was headed back over, that's when I found the elusive cel phone in my trash bag of a purse; thank you Lord!

Once we had, said tickets and the ever so handy i-phone, our road trip resumed. Road trippin' without kids is always fun. We enjoyed the quiet and the ability to have conversations that were unbroken. I LOVE getting away with just Adam, it's really so wonderful!

When we arrived in town it was raining cats and honestly sounded like rocks hitting the windshield, that's how hard it was coming down! We went straight to Ben and Rebekah's house which I was excited to do, since I hadn't seen these sweet friends in many months. After living life along side one another in Birmingham, we were long over due for a visit! (Cue the 70's music, "reunited and it feels so good...")

We visited for a bit then headed out in the rain to cheer on the Hogs. We went armed with ponchos and trash bags to sit did cross my mind that I just might be a "fair weather fan"...if the rain kept up.

We got to the stadium and enjoyed our time and our seats very much. We were right under the indoor box seats and had a roof over our head, so unless the wind blew, we didn't get wet, which was a real plus! We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Fayetteville.


Leaving was kind of hard because we knew we had a ton to do immediately upon returning to Little Rock. It was all great things, and things we wanted to do, it was just going to require all hands on deck! We had to move out all the rest of the furniture and appliances that we didn't move on Friday night (we owe a HUGE "Thank You" to a couple of our dear friends). I was making a meal for a friend who had a sweet baby boy, we wanted to go see another friend whose husband was in the hospital and we had to get all of our clothing and belongings over to my parents house where we'll be living for the next week or so, it was quite a full afternoon. I'm happy to report that our floors have been ripped out, tile is being laid as I speak and the first coat of stain is going down on the hardwoods...I do believe it's going to be worth all the effort!

I was reminded in the midst of the frenzy that God's mercies are truly new every morning, when I got to see His promise in the rainbow that peeked out from behind the rain clouds. I am so grateful for God's gracious-ness on me and His strength that is made perfect in my many weaknesses.

Happy Wednesday!

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