Friday, October 18, 2013

The Fun Run

Wednesday morning, Peyton's school did their yearly Boosterthon Fun Run. It's a fundraiser where each child gets pledges per lap that they run or asks people to donate a flat amount. The race track is approximately 1/16th of a mile and the max laps a student can do is 35. Peyton loves to run so this event is right up his ally.

They have the kids divided by grade and they start out by running through the tunnel to introduce each class. They were all thrilled to be doing this event; Peyton was super excited! (His poor eye looks terrible, he got some kind of rash that spread over his body and even onto his eye lids which caused them to swell really bad, after several "scrapings" they did verify that it was NOT scabies, thank you Jesus, but rather, some kind of contact dermatitis, so he's on a steroid. Here's hoping it clears up quickly!)

They sang the national anthem and gave them a little pep talk that included some of their High Five themed chants that the kids had learned throughout the week.

Then they were off and racing...

Daddy even made it to cheer on Peyton. I was trying to take pictures of him and the other kids in his classroom but they were running so fast I had trouble getting the shots, thankfully Adam was there to watch for them as they were coming up on the curve and he'd alert me to what "lane" they were in. Peyton was usually on the outside so that made it a bit easier to spot him; next year we might implement some type of sweat band or something so I can find him more easily in the sea of white t-shirts! Check out that stride!

Peyton did an awesome job and ran every one of his laps with strength and perseverance. Some of the kids started slowing down and/or walking, but he ran everyone of those 35 laps. We were so proud of him! We found out that his class WON the school wide boosterthon, meaning they raised the most money! Way to go Miss Wright's class!!

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