Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Killin' Time

Time is just flying. We have been in the middle of a small house project the past week and a half so we've been living at my parents house while they've been away on a trip, which has been so wonderful and generous of them. I do have to say that being here at their house has felt a little like a vacation which has had its pros and cons. The positive is that we have had a really great place to stay and have been able to spread out but the negative is that we've been living out of suitcases, having to go back and forth because I kept needing different things, including fall clothing which had to be pulled out of tote boxes). We've obviously been out of our routine so I'll be oh so glad to get everything back in its place.

So, to keep my sanity we've been killin' time with several things, but one day we decided to make a visit to the library for some new books and a couple of DVD's which is always fun for the boys to pick out. While the kids played I looked for some books for Peyton that would hold his attention and also stretch him as he progresses in reading.

The boys had fun playing checkers...

Ava enjoyed standing at the table and working the puzzles...

And Emerson found the rocking horse...

It was just another normal day, but I'm learning to stop and enjoy those more. I was reminded by a friend recently that this is my last year to have Lawson home with me every day, ALL day long. I can't beleive that next year I'll have two in school and only two at home! I'm really trying to soak it all in and enjoy the moments we have together. We've spent time reading after I put everyone else down for naps and reviewing letters and numbers. We've implemented a new "game". I made letter flash cards and I hold two up (one in each hand) and he tells me what letters he sees then he makes a fist and punches the one that I call out; for a little boy who likes to move and play, its quickly becoming a great way to review letters and get some energy out too.

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