Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Field Trip...

Peyton was super excited to be a "bus rider" today. His Kindergarten class went to the zoo today (along with pretty much every other Kindergarten class in the LRSD, I am not exaggerating everyone from Little Rock, along with Bismarck schools and several others, were there, it was crazy)! Literally, children.were.everywhere!!

Since my Mother In Law had the other three kiddos I was freed up to simply enjoy being with him and his friend Bo. I had a great time visiting with Bo's Mom and Aunt of us almost took out several small children when the stroller started rolling down a slight incline...I won't say who though!

My cute little penguin, talking to a real penguin...

This exhibit was by far his favorite!

We saw several animals, though many...actually most, were not in their cage/exhibit. Honestly it seemed that some of the animals looked like they may be on their last leg, which was really sad! And several of the cages had notes that said something to the effect of "we are receiving medical assistance" one of which was due to arthritis, super sad! Peyton kept asking "where are the animals?" It is the zoo, so we were expecting to see more, I just kept saying they were resting.

Here's some of what we saw...

Just looking in on "the daddy lion".

Watching the Gorilla's...they are just so huge and massive! Glad there is a high wall separating us and them!!

And these alligators...they didn't move a muscle, they didn't blink their eyes and I couldn't see them breathing either...Rachel commented that they could just as well be plastic cause we wouldn't know the difference! Ha!

We rode the train, both boys thought it was "so awesome!"

They had some beautiful flowers, I thought this one was interesting, a flower bed made from an old bed frame.

We had fun doing something a little out of the ordinary. We had a great time, just being together, he held my hand and wanted to walk that way for a while, which was a treat for me! He was thrilled to know that I was checking him out early and taking him home with me after our picnic lunch! I love making memories!

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  1. A wild day, for sure! But fun memories. You got some great pictures!


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