Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend...He is Risen Indeed!!

We got to enjoy all different Easter festivities this past weekend, everything from dying eggs to making Resurrection Cookies (which pretty much didn't turn out, but that's ok, they still tasted good and the kids got to hear the story of Jesus' sacrifice for them). All through the week leading up to Easter Sunday we went through the story with the kids by using the Resurrection Eggs (and they loved doing that each night--it's such a great way to explain the story and keep their attention).
Easter Egg dyeing 3 copy
Easter Egg Dyeing copy

Making the cookies.

We went to my parents house for an indoor egg hunt. Gigi read the boys "The Night Before Easter" which is a really cute rhyming book that tells the resurrection story of Jesus' sacrifice for us; the boys really liked it.

Then it was time for the egg hunt...

Oh how I love these boys!! This was the only picture I could get with all 3 boys looking at the camera...oh well!

And this precious little girl... She's wearing my Mom's baby ring that Whitney and I also wore...how fun is that?

I love having a girl!!

My heart just swells when I look at her!

Gigi and two of her girls...

This Easter weekend I got to do something I haven't done in years, I sang in the choir at church and it was such fun to be apart of the services. In years past I have sung on the worship team and been in the choir but with many small kids it's hard to commit. I need to say a huge thanks to my husband who stood in the gap this weekend so that I could go to all the practices the past few weeks and to all four services over the weekend, so that I could sing. Here he is being "Mr. Mom". He did a great job, but I think he'll stick to working outside the home and I'll stick to my homely duties...just works better that way! Here's what I found when I walked in the door...Daddy looks a little tired...and Ava Jane looks a bit like a ragamuffin!

What a privilege to worship with everyone! It gave me just a taste of what heaven will be like!! Thank you Jesus, for the the cross, for your sacrifice and for taking my place! Thank you for your grace and for your power to overcome the grave! He is risen...He is risen indeed!

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