Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There's An App For That...

Ok, I have just recently upgraded from a slider phone to an i-phone...I know, that sounds ridiculous...but honestly, I didn't really NEED it before, I was home a lot, I could jump on and check emails, Facebook and blog, anytime, so I didn't really feel all that disconnected. With entering into carpool lines and different after school activities, practices and games, I was feeling like I NEEDED to be able to check my email on the go. Finally while we were in the hospital with Ava Jane, my silly phone stopped receiving or sending text messages and that was the straw that broke the camels back. I marched myself up to Verizon and bit the bullet, and to be quite honest, I'm not really sure how I went this long without it, but now, there is certainly NO.GOING.BACK! It has really made life simple for this Mom on a mission, and I'm oh so grateful!

So since I'm new to all of this, I've been exploring different apps (photo apps, apps for kids, scripture memory apps, weather, maps, all kinds of things!) But the one that I'm most excited about happens to be a really practical tool, for myself and for the life of my kids! Its called Wise Words for Mom's and its $1.99, but worth every cent!

I found out about this app through my Bible study group at church several weeks ago, our small group leader couldn't keep it a secret and I'm so glad! We've been doing a study called "Don't Make Me Count To Three" by Ginger Plowman. It's been a great study and has very practical advice! It's centered around "a Mom's look at heart-oriented discipline" and it's truly phenomenal! It's been both challenging and a humbling as I have read her thoughts and approaches, and as I have tried to implement and change areas that I need to work on.

After all, biblical discipline is not "merely after outward actions, but inward cleansing. We are after the very hearts of our children." Our kids may know the right actions/answers and they may do them, but inside they may be boiling over with anger or maybe they don't do the right thing at all...I have to remember that my goal in parenting isn't so that my kids will always act right, talk kindly, be "perfect" for the sake of "being perfect"...my goal in parenting is to find what will motivate and spur their little hearts toward godliness, to instill God's word in their hearts so they might not sin against Him, and to teach them how to react and respond appropriately. (Insert a sigh...) All that's so much easier to type then to do!!

Like I said, this book has been both challenging and encouraging. There's definitely things that I feel like I've done well, but there's many things where I need improvement and a complete "do over"! The thing that Ginger focuses on, is naming the problem (whether its complaining, whining, being argumentative, etc) and using scripture to teach the child to "put off" the wrong behavior and showing them how to "put on" the right one. I know some scripture, but am not well versed in calling out references and the exact, word for word of verses for each action that needs disciplining. I've tried to do this, but in the moment I find myself getting flustered as I try to stay calm and deal with the scenario as well as trying to rack my brain to pull up the right verse with the correct reference to the wrong action/reaction that my child has done. So, she brilliantly came up with "an app for that"!! It might sound crazy, but I have used it on a number of occasions and have found it to be really helpful! The way its laid out is she lists different types of wrong behaviors; she offers Heart Probing questions for you to ask your child; she gives verses that speak to what we are to "put off"; verses that encourage what we are "to put on" as well as other verses that go with that specific topic/behavior. Honestly, in the heat of a moment I have trouble not getting flustered, so this really helped me...I was able to take a deep breath, look at my phone and calmly ask the heart probing question and talk through the verse and what it means. Thankfully its been really useful so far. I would highly recommend the book and the app.

I would love to hear your experience with the book or app so leave me a comment if you give it a try!!


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