Thursday, February 21, 2013

God Answers Prayers, Even Small Ones

A few weeks back, I had my third laptop fail due to a virus (in one year, yes, I know that's crazy ridiculous). I'm not a techy person, so the loss of the computer wasn't the problem, it was all that was saved on my computer that was so upsetting. I'd copied some of our family pictures onto CD's but I had no where near all of them...that was an EXTREMELY sickening feeling! I had some saved to Flickr because I use it to blog, but oh my goodness, it was heart breaking to think I had NONE of Lawson's baby pictures and only a few of Emerson's.

I slowly got over the loss and began to move past it...what else is there to do? To be quite honest, I don't even know that I actually prayed out loud for the pictures to be recovered, I don't know that I trust/trusted God with this kind of small thing, but He does/did already know my hearts desires and longings (even the trivial ones).

Then about 2 weeks ago I got a call from the computer company who'd worked on my laptops, and it turned out, they'd stored ALL...EVERY.LAST.ONE.OF.MY.PICTURES on their company's hard drive and if I wanted to bring my MacBook over, they'd put them back on my computer!

A-MAZ-ING! I know its a small thing, but I felt so relieved and honestly, felt overwhelmed with the fact that God DOES care about the small things, the trivial things. He longs to be involved in the daily mundane moments, if only I'd bring EVERYTHING to Him, I could save myself the sickening, worry that seems to plague me sometimes!

So here's a few comparison shots at the 5 month mark:
Peyton at 5 months

Lawson at 5 months

Emerson at 5 months

And last but certainly not least, our Angel Baby, Ava Jane

Is she not adorable?? (And just a little bit sassy?!)

Oh, my heart swells as I look at these sweet little blessings that God has entrusted to me! What a privilege, what a pleasure (most days)! I cannot believe how fast Peyton has gone from those sweet nakey shots to such a big boy...I know its so cliche but my the time is flying and it seems to have happened over night!

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  1. love that last pic of Ava Jane. Her hair is gorgeous and she's only 5 months old!!! That's not fair!!!


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