Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pumpin' and Dumpin'

Ask any nursing Mom, and she'll tell you how precious a commodity her breast milk is and she will undoubtedly call it "liquid gold"...

To have to pump and dump is actually painful...to have to pour it down the drain is truly awful! But what's even more awful, is when you have to pump and dump because, hold onto your stomach friends...you have been diagnosed with SCABIES! Yes, it is true and very disgusting!

"Scabies, you say?" Yes, "scabies!" What is it? Well, its extremely disrupted my life as of yesterday...its honestly been disrupting my world for about two weeks now...but as of yesterday I finally got a diagnosis for what's been itchy red bumps/spots ALL.OVER.MY.BODY! Just talking about it (or reading about it) will probably make you start itching!

Its a skin infection that is caused by little mites that burrow under your skin and the red bumps are an allergic reaction to them...DIS-GUST-ING, I know! They are transferred through clothing, so the Doctor's first question to me was, "have you been trying on a lot of clothes?" To which I answered "no"....hadn't bought any clothes lately. He explained how the little bugs work and I thought for a second and remembered recently buying some new sports bras, exercise tops and yoga pants from Target...apparently, that's how I got them. Note to you (and myself)...NEVER.EVER.EVER. rip a tag off ANY piece of clothing without first washing it, I have this bad habit of ripping a tag off and wearing my new clothes almost immediately. I hate washing new clothes, cause they never quite look the same again. Well this lesson was learned the hard way, I will ALWAY.ALWAYS.ALWAYS pre-wash items before wearing them, and if its a nice top or pants, I will send them to the dry cleaner before ripping that tag off and wearing it.

The treatment is the part that is quite disruptive. EVERYTHING, and when I say EVERYTHING, I mean E-VER-Y-THING, has to be washed in HOT-HOT water and dried in a HOT-HOT dryer! Literally all clothes in the closet, all towels, sheets, etc have to be washed. We had to get new pillows, a mattress zipper bag, a new set of sheets, etc...see what I mean about disruptive?!! Who wants to spend their day washing ALL.OF.THEIR.CLOTHES.

I used the very expensive cream last night; you have to massage it into every last inch of your skin from the tops of your ears to the bottoms of your feet...you have to sleep in it and in the morning rinse it off. The chemicals in it are quite toxic, so that's why I have to pump and dump, the Pharmacist initially said I needed to wait 3-5 days before starting to nurse again, but then they called last night and said that 24 hrs should be plenty of time....so that's a good thing!

Here's hoping the spots and bumps go away quickly...that the itching subsides remarkably, and that no one else gets it!!!

It's all worth it for my sweet, sweet girl! Isn't she an angel baby? We had a little Mommy/Daughter time this afternoon while Peyton was at school and the boys were at MORE time at church. Oh how I love her!



  1. Bless. your. heart. The misery! The inconvenience! Ugh! She is just the picture of health, though!!!

  2. So so sorry, Courtney! But now you know the drill and hopefully won't ever get them again. I've heard that we should always wash new clothes because they come from other countries, and buggers can be transported in the crates with them, too. On the good side, your baby girl is darling and such a blessing. Love this pic! Thanks for sharing! xoxox

  3. Oh wow--that is NO FUN AT ALL!!!! So sorry! Hope you're all better soon.

    Precious picture of baby girl though--I love seeing her.


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