Sunday, February 17, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Boy, life has seemed like a whirl wind the past two weeks, honestly, haven't had much time to think let alone blog! Life has just been slammed for us...partly because of my trying to do "everything" and partly because its just a busy time of the year and life for that matter!

Here's a quick update from a little bit of what we've been doing:

We celebrated the 100th day of school, with Peyton dressed as an "old" man wearing short (high water) gray sweatpants with black socks, slippers and glasses. Here, he is with Mrs. Shelton.

He enjoyed the ice cream party that followed the 100th day celebration!

Every Saturday morning at 9 or 10 we've been at Agape, cheering on the Gazelles! Bo-Bo the monkey made an appearance and totally freaked Emerson out, he was not interested in looking at or talking to the monkey!

We attempted a trip to Home Depot, all we were going for was two new toilet seats and a couple of under the counter lights, it was "in and out" but not without incident! Lawson, decided to push a button at checkout that set off an alarm that the register attendant could not turn off, so there we were I was apologizing (as always) for the ruckus and Adam was trying to quickly push them all out! On the way to our car he said, "I can't imagine why you don't like to take all of them to the grocery store?!" To which I responded, "Yeah, me neither, can't imagine why!!" (Insert heavy sigh and lots of exhaustion!)

I snuck a peek at my sweet girl during nap time and she'd completely lost her bow and was using her headband as an eye mask...she is a doll baby!!

She's done lots of firsts in the past few weeks, she took her first bath with Emerson, which was a success, they had a lot of fun in there together. Then she started on rice cereal and loves it!

Is she not beautiful?!

We celebrated valentines, we've been to several birthday parties, and life seems to just be gearing up...pretty much every weekend from here until the end of April is booked up and then we'll also be starting t-ball...Life is certainly busy and very full, but I like it that way! I like "being" and "doing" I'm just having to learn how to prioritize what's really important versus what can go by the way side. Doing a lot of things and doing them all well is next to impossible, I will continue to try and hone these skills.

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