Saturday, January 12, 2013

Time with Friends

The Lord has blessed me with life long friends! Literally, we have all been friends since grade school. We've been through Jr. High and Sr. High School, cheered together, were in coaching groups together, went through graduation, college days and sorority life; we've been in each others weddings, hosted baby showers and prayed for one another during hard times (in person and on the phone). God has blessed me with these precious women...I am grateful for their words of encouragement and the times they've spoken truth into my life! We have so much history and for that I am thankful! Truly, we have been iron sharpening iron, and my life is much more rich because of them!

Though it's been 8 years since we all lived in the same town, we've maintained our friendships even though many state lines have divided us and hundreds of miles have separated us; each time we get together we somehow pick up right where we left off, what a treasure, what a blessing! And now we've grown from 4 friends with no children to 4 friends with 11 little ones (all of them are 6 years and younger!) I'd say we've all "been fruitful and multiplied", and it's keeping us crazy busy!! Wish we could've done a coaching group reunion, we missed Lindsey, Christy, Katie and Kambry (if we all got together it'd be 8 Mamas surrounded by 17 littles, WOW!!)

I was more interested in actually talking and visiting then taking pictures, but here's a few that I snapped!

Out of all 17 kids, these are two of only three girls in the group! Hope that Ava Jane and Lily can be good friends in the years to come!

We got to enjoy our "usual" (quiche and salad), we let the kiddos chow down on chicken nuggets along with mac and cheese.

Steph, sorry I didn't get a picture with you! Here's two of her kiddos Caleb and Jacob

Precious Luke! Steph's youngest little one...

Sweet Liberty! Katie, you CANNOT deny this child! She is adorable!

All of the kiddos in action (minus Jack and Davis), we'll have to get together with everyone soon!

Katie, so glad you had to come back Monday to get your dogs, it made for a great spur of the moment excuse to see friends!

Then on Tuesday, Adam had to drive to Fayetteville to speak with a client so I packed up the kids and rode up there with him. I felt that having 4 kids fed, dressed, car packed with snacks, DVD's and car toys then out the door by 7:15 am was quite impressive! Don't you think? Here was the beautiful sunrise as we crossed the river!

While he went to do business, I had the fastest lunch EVER with Lindsey and her kiddos! Literally from start to finish it was less then an hour that we got to visit, so sad, but honestly it was such a treat to actually see her face and sit together even for the briefest of moments! She's always called me her "kidney friend" and truly I am thankful for her in my life!

Linds and her sweet little Connor! Wish he and Emerson could play more often, they'd be best buds!

And here's her cutie patootie, Brayden!

Lindsey, my only regret is that we didn't have more time to talk! Thanks for chasing Emerson for me while I fed Ava Jane...maybe one day we will have a quiet, leisurely lunch! I'll look forward to that!! Love you!


  1. I love you friend! And I don't care if it's 5 minutes or five hours, it's never enough time! We need to just get away with us girls for a weekend sometime after all of our babies are weaned and a bit more grown. :)

  2. ahhhh . . . love you girls! can't believe you all have kids!!

  3. ah!! I wish Lawson and I could have been there with you all.. so many wonderful friendships!! love you. xo


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