Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Emerson!

Oh my goodness, how fast two years have FLOWN! I honestly have trouble believing he's TWO! Truly, how can that be?!!

Emerson, what can I say about this little guy?! He's all boy, he's rough and tumble, he falls down and usually pops right back up with maybe a few tears shed but not usually, he loves to laugh, he is very curious, he loves to climb, sing, talk, run and mow or vacuum just about anything! He is full of life and oh so cute! We love him and are so grateful God chose us to be his parents!

He is talking so much! Both his Mother's Day Out teachers and the teachers at church say that he talks and sings more then any of the others, which is probably because he is trying to keep up with his two older brothers who talk constantly! Right now his favorite songs are the ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, The Clean Up Song (which, might I add, his teacher told me he's the only one in the class who actually helps clean up the toys each day...he's gonna be a good hubby to some sweet girl one day!!) He loves to play with my spatulas and spoons, and cook in his kitchen. Here he's helping to make pancakes with Daddy.

When he plays with the Mr. Potato Head he can't help but put the glasses on backwards around his neck (just try to take them off, he'll communicate clearly with you!)
He has a tremendous fetish with shoes right now, every morning when he wakes up he opens his drawer, pulls out his shoes and all out demands that we put them on (doesn't matter which kind, could be his crocs, tennis shoes or his brown ones). He says, "please and thank you" regularly, he often says "help me please" and "I do it"...and here he's "doing it" himself, carrying his motorcycle back to the car.
And faster then you can say "mess" he'll surely make he decided to completely dump out freshly potted pansies, its a good thing he's a cute mess maker!

He put Poppy's boots on and tried to walk around in them. He usually accomplishes what he wants to do, he's got great drive for sure!
And did I mention that he LOVES to eat! As long as people are sitting at the table, he thinks he still needs to be eating; he truly is going to eat us out of house and home, he eats as much as I do and he regularly out eats his brothers who are 2 and 4 years older then him! Here he's sitting in his favorite place and another one of his favorite past times is what we fondly call "banging" where he bangs his back up against the back of the highchair fast and furiously going back and forth! I have no idea why he does this but he seems to love to do it!

He loves playing with his cousin Jojo, nothing like good friends sharing a snack!

And this is what he looks like most mornings when I come in to get him...oh he's a sweet one!

Sweet Emerson, oh how we love you!

We celebrated with his favorite meal, spaghetti along with some cupcakes. But like every one of his birthdays we were interrupted by an act of nature. His birthday, 2 years ago, was when Little Rock had a huge snow storm, we were literally gonna be snowed into the hospital so my doctor let us leave earlier then normal since he and I both felt and looked good. Then for his 1st birthday (in Birmingham) almost our ENTIRE family got the stomach bug at the same time (that was not fun), he was the only one who didn't get it, so he got to eat cupcakes all by himself, poor guy! Then yesterday, right as I was finishing up dinner our electricity went out, so we got to enjoy dinner by candlelight, then got to pack our things up and head over to my parents house for the night. Maybe next year we will have better luck!!

We enjoyed celebrating with him, and will get to celebrate some more with friends and family in a few weeks; I will post more pictures from his ball themed birthday party then.

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  1. You lost power AGAIN? How did you not mention this today? I must have missed it. Either way - so sorry. Happy Birthday, Emerson!


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