Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rough Night...

Well, we got a call last night at 1:00am. Apparently there was something wrong with her central line (in her leg--"venus line") and the PIV that was in her left hand failed too, so they ended up having to put an IV in her scalp (which means they had to shave a portion of her head). Right now, they are trying to put a Central Line back in because they need a place to beable to give her meds and draw blood...they are doing an ultrasound on her neck right now and trying to get that Central Line there...she has no other options, all her veins are blewn from all the PEG meds she had prior to surgery, so we need this one to take! Also, they increased her feeds from 5mls to 30mls, which is great! But the frustrating thing is that I had been taking all my breast milk (which I've so fervently been trying to stockpile) down to the Lactation Center each day (so that it doesn't take up room in the refrigerator up here in CVICU) and for some stupid reason they close the lactation center after 10pm, so instead of feeding her breast milk they had to start her on formula. THAT.IS.FRUSTRATING! Ughhh! When they called and told us all of this at 1am I was super upset, because there's plenty of frozen breast milk downstairs in the lactation center, but how are you supposed to get the milk if the place is closed?!! So, you can bet your bottom dollar, that I'm gonna start filling that fridge up, some other mom is taking up a whole shelf here in the CVICU, so she's not been taking her breast milk down every morning like they've told me to do. So, I'm sorry, but I think I've decided to not be a rule follower this time, I'm leaving every single bottle from here on out, in that fridge outside her room! They will not run out of thawed milk again!

As far as prayer requests-
-Please pray that once they do start the breast milk again, that the fat doesn't leak out through the chest tube...if it doesn't then they will remove the chest tube later today or tomorrow.
-Pray that they are able to get the Central Line in her neck
-Since they are having to do the Central Line they've had to sedate her more which means she's no longer initiating her own breaths on the ventilator, please pray that they can raise her up off the sedation so that she can begin intiating her breaths again...that would be steps in the direction of removing the vent and that's what we're hoping for.
-Pray for strengthened lungs, they're still really sick with the RSV, they've been suctioning a lot off and its begun to be tinged yellow, so please pray that no infections occur

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