Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great weekend relaxing together as a family and enjoying time with friends that we've made here!
Saturday night we had several families over for a cookout, the Smith's, the Lowery's and the Griem's (minus Jeremy who was on a mission trip)
Picnik collage
I just have to say how amazing God's provision has been for us as He's gone before us the whole time we've been here! It's truly a small world, and He keeps reminding me of that with "coincidental" circumstances! When we moved here, I was introduced to a really sweet girl named Kate Smith who is from NLR, we've gotten to know her and her family over the past several months, the crazy "coincidence" is that she grew up going to church with Ben Lowery, Rebekah's husband! Kate came up to me one day (several months ago) at church and said, "we've got more Arkansans coming to Birmingham!" As we talked about who was moving to Bham and I realized the connection I couldn't believe it!! How crazy is that? I'm so glad to have the Lowery's join us here in Bham, what fun to have a familiar face from home! It's been neat to see how God weaves things together...I am choosing to see these small "coincidences" as His continued provision for me (us)...proving over and over that He's gone before Adam and I and is continuing to pave the way!

With 12 kids (under 7), I don't think there was a toy untouched in our house! The kids had a good time and got to enjoy my recent Craigslist find, a Bounce House! (I LOVE craigslist!)

We had the kids eat outside, some at the table others on a picnic blanket...they did pretty good out there while the adults "enjoyed" the 80 degree temperature in our house...not the nice feel of A/C!!
Picnik collage

And here's the evidence the kids left behind, not too bad huh?!
Picnik collage
Sweet Blake dressed up as Superman!

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

We had a great weekend...playing outside, eating good food and spending time with friends...we even got to see the fireworks! The kids did pretty good considering they were up an hour and a half later then normal...they had a blast with their new friends!

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