Monday, July 25, 2011

Time Back Home!

We all had a wonderful time being back home! We got to enjoy some fun in the sun at the pool with Gigi, Grammy and Aunt Whitney!
Picnik collage

Fearless Lawson was jumping in off the sides, twisting off the diving board and giving most of us a heart attack a minute with his crazy moves... but he was having a blast!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

The boys had such fun with G-Dad, they were spraying each other with the waterhose and running around being chased by him in the backyard! When you can't find a swimsuit, just run around naked!
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Their favorite thing to do is to ride Dad's 4-wheeler...they would stay on it 24/7 if we'd let them!

Emerson and Gigi watching the boys get sprayed...he looks so serious!

Friday morning Peyton went fishing with Adam and Poppy! He caught over a dozen fish and thought it was "so much fun!" They tried to get him to put his fingers in the mouth to hold it up, but he'd have nothing to do with it!Picnik collage

We even got some down time at Lake Ouachita. The boys had the best time going out on the boats...just jumping off into the water over and over again kept them quite entertained! We all enjoyed skiing and tubing, Dad got up on the first pull, Adam got up on a slolome ski and Bill did too, thankfully there were no broken bones this summer!
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Whitney's nannying and brought one of her sweet little guys down to spend the day with us. Ross and the boys had a great time,
G-Dad was helping to pull them in!
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Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Whitney took these pics from the party barge, even with Mom's zoom they're still far off...but shows that Mama's still got it! Had such a good time sloloming!
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Our last night we went into town to have dinner and play! The boys road go carts with G-Dad and Daddy, they really liked it, then we decided to played a few games in the arcade...I love making fun memories!

Playin' a little skeet ball with Dad...notice who has all the tickets!
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Picnik collage

Summer lovin' had me a blast! I love my family...God has blessed me so richly with a wonderful immediate family and terrific in-laws as well, love you all!

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