Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Baby Emerson!

I realized the other day that most of my posts have been about the bigger boys, so I thought I'd dedicate this post to my littlest angel! He truly is the worlds easiest baby! He's laid back most of the time and easily naps in his carseat, which is a good thing since we're on the go a lot with getting to preschool and doing activities with the "big boys"! He's definately got sleeping through the night down by now which is HUGE, he's been sleeping from about 8:30-3:45 or 4 am, which is GREAT, and he's doing it in his big crib! For a while there I wasn't sure if he'd ever make the transition from the swing to the crib, but he's done it like a champ!! Last night was a bit of doozie at the end, I got up with Emerson at 3:45 to nurse, then had trouble laying him back down cause he was fussy and it was closer to 4:45 when I finally got him settled and asleep again in his crib...then at 5:15 my little Lawson came bumbling into our room (which has become quite the habit in the last month or so), I think he may be sleep walking with his eyes open, not sure what's going on! I put him back in his bed and fell asleep only to be awoken again by both Lawson and Peyton at 6:20...oh heck, why not start the day?!!

He has begun to suck his thumb...which is a good/bad thing!

Picnik collage
Truly, these days are the longest, and I won't say that there aren't hard days, because there most CERTAINLY are, but it is really fun and all worth it when I get to experience new things with the boys and see them learning, growing and developing. Holding Emerson, seeing him smile and coo melts my heart each time and reminds of how much fun this job really is! He truly has the most precious little smile which he's been praciticing a lot lately and his "talking" (coo-ing) has really increased as well. Just yesterday he noticed the carseat toy that I attached to the handle, he even figured out how to push the spinner, and had it going around and around! He's becoming very alert and is "looking" around and seemingly taking it all in. It's hard for me to believe that we're 1/4 of the way through his first year, I can hardly believe its mid April, I feel like the last 3 months have FLOWN by. I'm trying to savor each moment with him, because when I look at Peyton, I'm reminded just how fast time truly does fly, 4 years have gone by in the blink of an eye!

Here's Emerson sitting like a big boy!
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