Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Visit

My family came for an Easter visit, and what a great time we had! My Mom came a few days early, thanks to Trent Fulbright who brought her down with him on a business trip to Birmingham.


Playing on the floor with Gigi.
Picnik collage

Emerson's first time to sit in the Bumbo...what a cutie!
Picnik collage

Loving on Aunt Whitney...
Picnik collage

G-Dad and Emerson...
Picnik collage

Dying Eggs

Picnik collage

Here's our finished products, pretty don't you think?!
Picnik collage

When Dad and Whitney got here we dyed easter eggs, hung out, shopped, ate a lot of tastey food and enjoyed a good time together! The boys had a blast playing with G-Dad, Gigi and "Whikey" (according to Lawson). It's been fun doing the Ressurection Eggs with the boys, they're beginning to understand the story of Jesus' love for us...Peyton is learning that Jesus paid the price for us by choosing to hang on the cross and "it would really hurt and make a boo-boo"...yes it would (it certainly did)! Each time we do the egg that has the crown of thorns in it he says, "they'd push it onto his head, and it would hurt, yeah, it would hurt" all the while he's shaking his head and tilting it to one side like he always does when he's talking so serious and directly.

Here are some pictures of the boys hunting for Easter Eggs
Picnik collage

And here is Easter Morning..."Mom, no more pictures!"
Picnik collage

We had fun being together, I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful family! The Lord has blessed me indeed!


Carol said...

So fun! Love it - Happy Easter, friends!

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Courtney, your little family is so cute I could just cry!! Love all those sweet pictures! How did I just now find your blog?!?!
Hope you're doing well in B-Ham!!!

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