Friday, April 8, 2011

I have to brag on my husband!

We all know the joy of piles of laundry sorted on the floor and ready to be loaded into the washer, then thrown in the dryer, only to be folded or hung up and put away, its quite a process and there's usually large loads especially with 3 little ones who are active! Well, I woke up yesterday morning to all the laundry folded and put up in everyone's rooms! What a marvelous treat! My sweet husband had gotten up early, to not only do the laundry, he managed to have a quiet time and take a run...and I was up by 7am, so it's not like I was sleeping in late! He just decided to get up and give me a brief reprieve from the everyday thoughtful is that?!! My love language is a pretty good tie between gifts and acts of service...and this sweet act spoke to both! Here's a fairly recent picture of us out on a date!


He had a long day yesterday since he got up early and then had an award dinner to go to with the Hospital and didn't get home til after 8pm. When he came through the door he set the most beautiful flower arrangement before me! He knows how much I love blue hydrangeas, and the pink roses and purple tulips were stunning. Needless to say, my love tank was filled up for sure, after a day of his service to me that morning and the thoughtful gift that evening! I'm definately enjoying the fact that he's finished with his MBA program now and has more time and energy to do thoughtful things like this! I certainly feel blessed and very loved! Thanks Adam!

Picnik collage

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