Friday, September 9, 2016

Things Of Late

Last weekend we had a "Guinness Book of World Records sized garage sale", according to one of our lovely patrons.  I must say that we had a TON of items, that filled most of my parents garage and driveway, but with all the lovely people that came and returned two and THREE times (these garage salers are intense), it sure feels good to clean out some attic and closet space for sure!
This picture was taken toward the end of our sale.
And we had the cutest little lemonade stand going on too.  Who could resist buying from these cuties!
After our day of selling we decided to hit the lake one last time.  It was a beautiful day with quite a few boats on the water, but we certainly enjoyed the time on Ouachita and the last bit of summer we could soak up.
This was the best family pic we could get with the sun shining in people know how hard this is, right?!
So long summer, in nine years of parenting, you were the best so far!
Monday, we took the kids to Two Rivers letting them ride bikes while we walked the trails.  Our time there was just "OK", since it was a 100 degrees and 100% humidity so half the time Adam carried Ava Jane on his shoulders and the other portion she rode on my back or whined as I held her hand along the path.   In the blistering heat, that was certainly NOT enjoyable!
For the past nine months we have been planning a couples get away trip with some dear friends.  We leave next week, and I totally forgot to get TSA pre-checked this summer to help expedite the security check process.  So I met Adam at the airport (since I can fill out paper work and pay for the clearance but I  cannot make his finger prints, so he had to rearrange his schedule but we made it work!)  With three kiddos in tow (one of which slept on my shoulder the entire time) while Ava Jane and Emerson enjoyed watching the planes come in and take off, I was able to get this task checked off my list.   Thankfully we were literally only there less then ten minutes (including parking and walking into the airport) which they require you to come in, in order to get your finger prints and all the forms paid for and signed off now I'm just hoping to get TSA approval by Tuesday mornings flight!  It won't be the end of the world if it doesn't come through for this flight but will surely come in handy this winter when we take all the kids snow skiing!
I'm in a bit of denial that my baby girl is about to turn F-O-U-R!  I truly don't know how she could possibly be that old!  All she's asked for, for months now, is an Ariel party, so I've been doing my best to plan a Little Mermaid themed party for her to enjoy.  I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when Ariel arrived at our home today.  I've been up to my eyeballs in fondant and icing, as I gave it a go with my first round of cake pops and my first ever attempt at one of my kids birthday cakes.  (More pictures of the party are coming of her party on the ocean floor.)
So between garage sale prep and carrying it out, all the last minute purchases for our trip, baking and party planning along with meal prepping for while we are away, I was glad to be able able to squeeze in Lawson's 2nd grade class first field trip which was out at Pinnacle Mountain State park.  They were learning about animals that live within the state as well as creatures that live right there in the park.
So that's a little bit of what's been going on this week.  

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