Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dominican Republic: Part 3

On Thursday we decided to do a recommended hike to El Limon, a waterfall at the end of a 3 mile hike.  And since all we had been doing was eating and sitting, we thought the hike would be a great way to get us moving again.   Tucked away in a jungle-like landscape, surrounded by lush rolling hills, is the 52m-high El Limon waterfall.  Getting to the fall was a little mucky for us, since usually people choose to ride horses in, but with my allergies and the unwanted saddle soreness, we stuck to our plan even after a posse of horses along with a man on a motorcycle chased us down to try and get us to ride in with them.
This is a small glimpse into the trail and verdant terrain that we encountered.  A couple places along the way we had to wade through freezing cold, knee high water but we got to see several smaller water falls on the way.
We hardly saw anyone on our hike in, so when we arrived at the swimming hole where a large number of tourists were swimming around and taking pictures, we were a tad bit surprised.
Did I mention that the water was FREEZING!  I did carefully slip into the water just long enough to make it over to the rock for a picture but I was not desirous enough to make the swim across the watering hole to behind the waterfall.
We never leave home without some Bai, its becoming our drink of choice.
Toward the end of our hike, John took this picture and deemed it "fishing for rocks", we both liked seeing the blue stones scattered throughout the creek bed.
Upon our arrival back at the car, we saw more of the very small town.
The rest of our trip consisted of reading books out by the pool and near the shore.  Those moments of complete calm, total relaxation and pure fun will forever be seared in my memory.
These tank top twinkies are such great spouses; Carol and I are two lucky girls!
This was the scene behind me...and in front of me.  Due to the time of year that we went, there was literally only a handful of people at the resort so the ratio of patrons to workers was about 2:1, and at times it was even higher!  To say we were spoiled would be an understatement!
Our time away was truly wonderful.  We enjoyed our time together and are grateful to my parents who, all week long, helped to get our kids to and from school and to all the soccer and basketball practices.  It's no small feat to step into our routine, but they did a great job!   What a blessing to be able to leave town and not worry about our kids because they were in such great hands.  A big thank you to our friends who took the "risk" of traveling with us and helped to make such fond memories that we'll look back on for years to come and smile about.  And when you travel with friends, they can capture moments like this when the sun is setting and the pink light is dancing just right on the gorgeous clouds and your spouse pulls you in for a kiss.  I'd say this one's a keeper, thanks Carol and John for going with us on such a fabulous get away!

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