Monday, September 19, 2016

Dominican Republic: Part 2

I blogged about our travel and first sights of Sublime Samana yesterday. Today, I'll focus on what we tried hard to do while we were away, simply to relax. Our first full day started out with a leisure breakfast with Adam.
After a scrumptious meal we headed straight to the beach where we took a leisure walk and then found a lounge chair where we promptly fell asleep with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.
Around the edge of the island was a large field of palm trees with a good number near the waters edge that had been cut down for some reason.  (I thought these palm roots resembled a hedgehog.)
There were some delicious drinks and several different types of ceviche served to us that we gladly partook of.  Our trip pretty much revolved around where the next meal would be eaten and when our tummies might be getting grumbly again.   My hubby, as anyone who knows him knows, was hungry often and became nicknamed by the waiters as "Cinco Huevos" since thats how he ordered his omelette and any other egg dish each morning.
Looking up at this scene was really nice.  I will insert right here, that thought the resort was perfect in almost every way, though the scenery was breath taking and truly a grand display of God's power and creativity, I will say we were reminded more then we would've liked, that this place is not our final destiny, it is not the perfect place we all long for--heaven.  Though paradise was beautiful, it had its small, but pesky, down sides.  Batonya, the woman who showed us around the resort when we first arrived, told us to use Deep Woods OFF along with some kind of homemade coconut oil paste that Adam deemed "vomit paste" because of its disgusting smell.  One encounter with those pesky small biting bugs and I was a believer in the paste, my poor legs were their main course and they came back time and time again, begging for more!  I tried very hard to keep them starving, I certainly didn't want to come home with Zika!!
Later that afternoon we decided to have a couples massage.  I always enjoy a little treatment but this was Adam's first ever, day at the spa and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed every minute of that hour.
Each day we pretty much just lounged and feasted.  Wednesday night we chose to drive into town and eat at Le Tre Caravelle, which is the #1 TripAdvisor restaurant in Las Terranes, and it did not disappoint.
Carol and I seem to usually make very similar choices when ordering our meals so several times we would order our top two choices and then each eat half then swap plates.  This was my dinner dish which was a fully headed, with the eyeballs still attached, shrimp dish---I could've done without the eyeballs but what the heads/eyeballs took from the dish the cream sauce made up for most certainly!
And just in case you were wondering, this "substantial" amount of red snapper, was my husbands main course, he definitely enjoyed the portion size, each day we were there, which is always super important to him.
The first two nights we ended our evenings in our rooftop hot tub which in theory was perfect but unfortunately the water never was hotter then tepid, which for this woman who likes to take steaming hot showers and baths, this was a real bummer.  We discussed that if the only things to complain about on our tropical vacation were the tiny mosquitos, the tepid water and the very low water pressure flowing in the shower, then life was really very good.

Having the opportunity to unplug and reconnect with Adam was truly a blessing, a wonderful gift!  We enjoyed time holding hands and walking along the shore uninterrupted and were able to pray together and thank God for His faithfulness to our marriage.  (We didn't take a trip back in August on our 13th anniversary but rather delayed celebrating it officially until this trip---it was definitely worth the wait!)  It was even better then my highly anticipated expectations hoped for, which was a real gift!  And these golden sunsets that lit the sky with pink clouds were awesome to take in.  Tomorrow I'll conclude with our hike to a beautiful waterfall and a few more lazy beach pics.

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