Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Fun: Visiting the USS Razorback

I recently blogged about different things to help keep my sanity this summer, one of which was to visit the submarine downtown.  So, I took the kids and went to The Maritime Museum, where the USS Razorback is docked.  It was a fairly warm morning when we went and the museum employees were quite sticklers, in that Ava Jane is not quite four (Sept 14th she will be), so unfortunately we weren't able to actually tour the submarine which was a real bummer but we were able to go into the Maritime Museum and look around a bit.  

I'm not a huge history buff but I do find parts of it to be fascinating.  Several of mine and Adam's family members fought in WWII (in both the Pacific and European theaters) so I have more of an affinity for this history then most.  I'd taken the boys to see the submarine simply because it sounded like something they'd think would be fun, but my interest was piqued when I began to read and learn about its WWII part in our nations history.  The USS Razorback conducted five combat patrols during World War II, sinking Japanese vessels, capturing Japanese POWs and rescuing American pilots who had been shot down.  At the end of WWII, she was one of only twelve submarines selected to be present in Tokyo Bay when the Japanese finally signed in surrender.  

The kids enjoyed looking around and "exploring" what we could.  (They really had an ok time, though Lawson looks less then thrilled in this picture.)

Peyton enjoyed sitting in the "shooter's" seat, pretending what it would have been like aboard the vessel.

Both boys took their turn sitting in the Captains chair and playing on the controls.

Emerson wanted to make sure I saw these "cool swords".
While Ava Jane enjoyed turning the lights on and off on their replica of Tokyo Harbor, where the airstrike took place. 

I'm enjoying our summer and the memories we're making together.  I look forward to visiting more of the places on my list and checking out several others that have been recommended by friends and family.  

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