Monday, September 8, 2014

High's and Low's

The past week has been slamming busy. I feel like I've caught myself coming and going and have had no time to really sit and catch up on the blog. It's been a week and a half where I literally felt like more then a three ring circus with all the school stuff, extra curricular activities, practices, chauffeuring everyone to said practices, finishing homework and having several dinner events with Adam in the evenings has left me reeling a little bit from the pace of life. It's definitely fun things (mostly) so here's some high's and low's.

Labor Day Weekend:
High: We enjoyed doing some normal projects around the house (which was great) but we did manage to take a day and cram as much into it as possible as to truly get the "most" of our extended weekend. Then I needed a weekend from my weekend, ya know what I'm sayin'? So we started Monday with a trip to the zoo. Mom, Dad, Whitney and Rob all joined us and that was a first time with everyone. It was nice because we went super early before the zoo was crowded.

The boys enjoyed petting Monty Python…ick!

Low: Ava Jane has found her voice (which is great) but as a precious little two year old, she has yet to learn self control so here she is finally seated on the train with Daddy. You can see she worked up quite a sweat with the combination of end of summer heat and her mini melt down. Poor thing.

High/Low: I have precious, precious neighbors. One of which is moving to another state in the next month or so, which is totally a HUGE low! I will greatly miss this sweet friend because she has helped me through my initiation into being an Elementary aged kids Momma. She was the one who encouraged me to give myself a break and not jump through my rear to wake up all my sleeping littles only to go sit for 45 minutes in the carpool line (while they screamed and fussed I might add). That was A-MAZ-ING advice, and I have passed it along to several other Mommy friends as well. (When your kids get home at the same time, either way, and the bus ride is only 5-10 minutes, it's ok…go ahead and let yourself off the hook and let those babies sleep…just sayin'). I loved this little picture from last week of her son Wesley and Peyton walking up the street. (It's taken two years of riding the bus together for them to finally really connect, and now they're having to move---it's totally our loss and Mississippi's gain!)

High: Letting Ava Jane play around in my necklaces while she sat in her high chair. Is she not adorable? I mean, for real, I get a huge lump in my throat just looking at these pictures. She is such a precious little person and I am so incredibly thankful for her life that God spared almost two years ago now. How can it be that its been that long ago?

Low: Ava Jane is totally into making a mess and tearing into everything. I literally left the room for a moment to move things from the washer to the dryer and in no time flat everything is out…again!

High: With my littles ones at a new Mothers Day Out I actually have time to volunteer at the big boys school and still run some errands before I have to go get Ava Jane and Emerson, which is really so nice.

Low: When I walked into Lawson's class to volunteer, his teacher said, "Does anyone know who this is?….Anyone?" It felt like many seconds probably passed and still there was no answer…I finally just said, "Lawson, who am I?" And he sheepishly still didn't answer. I think he was just embarrassed, but none the less, it was a low for me. Then it got a little lower when I went to grab lunch with Peyton and I pulled out my phone to take a picture but while he was sitting at the table with all his friends he quietly said to me, "Mom, not here, no pictures right now!" That was the first time that I recognized that he was embarrassed to be with me…that was new, that was a real LOW! Thankfully, after we ate lunch and headed outside, he was happy to pose with me on the playground. Phew…that helped my Momma heart...a little bit.

High: Lawson started his second year of soccer off in a great way, they did lots and lots of scoring which was super fun and totally opposite from last year. He had a blast! And the fact that he's on the team with two of his favorite little buddies was just the topping on the cake! They were all so cute!

Low: Accidentally locking my keys in the car! Thankfully my Dad stayed with our car while we went and finished packing and changed our clothes so that we could hurry up to Fayetteville for the Razorback game. We only have 1 key to the suburban so we had to have a lock smith come and help us out. The real low was that I did not react well to this situation, the high, is that I have a very forgiving husband and wonderful parents who helped us out. Mom took the kids with her and Dad stayed with our vehicle…we divided an conquered, (thanks so much for y'alls help!!)

High: Getting to go back to Fayetteville, our Alma Mater was a lot of fun for Adam and I this weekend. Honestly, having the quiet drive up and back was part of the "high"…getting to just drive and talk and really just be…was such a treat! And getting to see and stay with friends was really fun, though I didn't get a picture this time, here's the one from last year!

We enjoyed walking around campus and seeing what we remembered it to be like as well as seeing all the newness that's been built. We saw Old Main, the ROTC building, the Walton College of Business and our names on the sidewalk.

Low: Because it was raining, I took an umbrella with me to the gate but didn't realize I couldn't take it inside the stadium so I left it along the wall like the other 4,000 or so people who did the same thing. I was super frustrated because I had grabbed my new cute monogrammed umbrella and I was afraid it might get taken. The security guy told me that they couldn't guarantee that it'd be there when I returned but I was hopeful. Well, since it was pretty much a Nichols State blood bath we left in the beginning of the fourth quarter. I hurried down to the gate to get my cute umbrella but was aghast to find that the University Police had picked up all those 1,000's of umbrellas just five minutes before I came down to the gate according to the Gate Security guy. Let's just say, my reaction again, for the second time that day, was not all that good. I was so PO-ed. First of all, if it truly was for "safety concerns" that they made you leave the umbrella outside the gate, why did they wait til the 4th quarter to pick up all these "potential weapons"?!!!? If they really thought there were bombs in them or that someone was going to gore another person with it, why didn't they come around and pick up the umbrellas right after kick-off?!!! To say I was hot is a HUGE understatement! I was MAD! I reacted like a two year old, Adam can attest to that…but thankfully he was understanding and let me huff back to the car.

Then today's high:
I got to spend some time with these two precious little people. They do great in the double jogger and I'm loving having individual time alone with each of them. How about that headband Emerson found in our house and would not take off? He's such a funny little guy.

And today's all time low: On the way home from the big boys piano lesson Emerson tossed his cookies three times while I was driving on the interstate and stuck in traffic. I finally was able to pull over; it.was.bad! Thankfully I had a new bag of wipes and a trash sack in the back, but it.was.terrible! Now, I'm just hoping that the rest of us don't get it!

So that's our last week and a half at a glance…it's had high's and low's…hopefully tomorrow won't be so low! Surely it can only go up from scrubbing vomit out of a carseat right?!!

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