Monday, August 18, 2014

Start of School

Today was a big day. I officially have two kids in school and only two kids at home with me. It seems crazy that Lawson is at the "big boy school" now!

It felt a little like going through the motions this morning when I got up and going at 5:00am. To me, summer truly seems to have rushed to a close, I cannot even believe that its over. I took some time to pray for the boys, their teachers and for good friends for them then got myself dressed and put breakfast in the oven.

The boys woke fairly easily and started their morning routines. They were sweet and loving this morning, giving me kisses and hugs around the neck. We took our yearly pictures out on the porch then headed out the door. (How is it that I have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener?! Mercy, time is flying!)

I was grateful that Adam came along with us for the first day of school this morning. Though Lawson went in like a big boy, I had a small misty moment that I didn't want him to see. As I stood facing the wall and wiping some tears that I couldn't hold back an on-looking father said, "it's gonna be OK Momma." I, of course, know this little fact, since this isn't my first rodeo, but I must say, it's still hard to drop your little one off and just walk away. This same little one who has been with me almost every moment of every day over the past five years. We've had millions of seconds, thousands of minutes and hundreds of moments together, but I'm still left feeling a longing for more...I guess that's a good thing!

All my kids are precious and I've been so thankful to have been able to spend the little years together with them. There have certainly been rough days, and for sure, days that I would NEVER want to repeat, but overall, I have loved (and continue to love) motherhood.

I do have to say that I'm looking forward to spending some one on one, quality time, with these two precious little people whom I must say are quickly becoming good friends. We had a good day today but were glad to get the big boys home this afternoon.

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