Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Normal...

Last week was quite the whirl wind with the start of school and all its new routines. It was a crazy week with early mornings, full afternoons with extra curricular activities and Adam having several long nights with work.

I was sad when Peyton and Lawson went to school all day every day but it has been nice to have some one on one time with my littles.

I enjoyed my first playdate with just Emerson and Ava Jane though it seemed quite strange to simply have two kiddos to keep up with. Having friends who are all in the same boat (with some in Elementary school and some young ones still at home) is such a blessing. It helps to have people to share fears and anxieties, funny stories and moments that are sure to be funny one day. So, Tuesday morning, thats what we did…we all commiserated the start of school while our little ones enjoyed playing with one another.

Wednesday was my youngest kiddos first day of school which brought with it our "new normal".

They were both excited to get to their new classrooms so it was hard to get a group picture of the two of them…and looking at the camera is really hard sometimes.

I enjoyed where my kids went to preschool last year, they were dearly loved and learned so much (both spiritually and academically) but the time frame was not all that good for me. So, I've switched Emerson and Ava Jane to a new school. I will miss running into my good friends and getting to eat lunch regularly together but I'm thankful that I know lots of mom's and the staff at their new school so that's comforting. I was thrilled that both my kids did great going into their classes, they walked right in with no tears or crying which was a huge relief for me. They have wonderful teachers and I know they're both in great hands! Ava Jane loves to eat, so snack time is surely her favorite, as you can see, she's eyeing her teacher who is bringing her goldfish over! And Emerson found a Finn McMissle and several monster trucks, so he was ecstatic with his class as well.

Our new routine has me feeling a little bit like a ping pong ball come 2:45 on Wednesday's and Thursday's because that's when the boys get home on the bus but the littles have to be picked up between 2:45 and 3pm. The first day it was fine, their bus arrived on time (at 2:40) but Thursday it didn't arrive until 2:55 so I ended up having to leave and go get Emerson and Ava Jane while my dear sweet neighbor waited for my boys and her kids. Thus began my "new normal". Our routine is quite intense, and overwhelming sometimes but when I consider the alternative, I find myself growing content within what I like to lovingly call my "organized chaos".

It's not just the routine that is overwhelming but also the many things that are completely out of my control. When I think about situations that the big boys could and/or will encounter at school, the conversations they may have out on the playground or in the bus or in the classroom for that matter, I get a little overwhelmed. I worry sometimes that Lawson's shoes will come untied because he has not yet mastered the "loop and swoop" ability and those sweet teachers can't possibly tie all those shoe strings. I worry about the friends or lack of friends for each of them. I worry about how my little ones will act in their preschool classes. Will they hit or be hit, talk back or not talk at all; will they participate in circle time and if so, what songs will they learn...I have no idea? It's all a bit overwhelming because I can't see and know all that happens at every moment of every day. But it does me no good to stay on the "I worry..." or "what if..." train of thought. I can't change anything by worrying. I recently found a verse that encouraged me to "pour out my heart in the presence of the Lord" and what a relief and peace that comes when I lay my cares and concerns at Jesus' feet. Lamentations 2:19 says "pour out your heart to the Lord…for the lives of your children." And pouring out my heart is what I've tried to do when I feel myself starting to worry about them. I'm thankful to have a Heavenly Father who cares for me (and my kids) even more then I care for myself and my kids..what a comfort there is in knowing He has a plan, He works all things together for good and He wants me to spend time pouring out my heart to Him and then trusting that He is in control.

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