Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wrapping Up 1st Grade

I can hardly believe that Peyton is two days from finishing up the first grade, how can that be?! They've been having lots of fun days a school lately. One was Field Day and the other was the Talent Show which was yesterday.

Field Day was super fun. It was warm and beautiful, a perfect day for being outdoors.

Here's Peyton with his friends Allie and Josh.

And Falon doing the jump rope relay.

Peyton's favorite event is the running relay race. He loves to go out and run with Adam and he's actually really good at it.

He won the first round then got 3rd in the next. He was so pumped! I sure love this kid! He's such a blessing to me!

Then yesterday we got to enjoy all the many talents of the K-2nd graders Talent Show. There were singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, piano solos, etc. It was fun to watch. We got to see everything from Elsa singing "Let it go" to Annie singing "Tomorrow". We heard Christmas carols on the piano and saw a little boy crack some boards with his karate moves. All the kids did a great job!

The littles were less then thrilled with a few of the numbers, though I do think they did really good during the hour long show.

Gotta love this shot! Peyton is watching all the kids file into the flex space behind me as they were wondering "what are they doing?" But Lawson was loving being at the "big boy school" so he didn't care what people were looking at, it was just all fun to him!

And how about this blurry awkwardly spaced out group shot…that's the best this Mama could do in a split second before Peyton had to get back to class. Oh well, I think their day at "Peyton's School" was a success!

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