Friday, June 13, 2014

Beach Vaca- Part 2

Like I said in my last post, I'm so glad we made the effort to bring the bikes and trailer. The beach is a perfect place to ride with kids because it's so flat and they can actually do it pretty well without getting overly exhausted.

Adam and Joseph decided to take all the big boys and go ride bikes one afternoon before dinner. It's quite an ordeal to get everyone helmeted, sun blocked, snacked up and ready, but they did it and were off. Cousin time is a fun time…

But when they returned within just a few minutes we knew there was a problem. But not a problem that an Allen wrench can't fix! So the next day we took all the kids and rode 6 miles (down and back) to the nearest "snack spot", which ended up being this adorable little Shaved Ice place. Turns out the couple who started this cute little flavored ice stand are from Little Rock no less! How crazy is that? She was extremely kind and we will definitely visit them again!

We honestly didn't think that we'd make it too far so Adam didn't even carry his wallet with him so when Lawson kicked it into high gear, headed straight for the nearest place that he could get a "treat" we knew we were in trouble. So I pulled out my trusty i-phone and called everyone at the beach house, thankfully Sidney answered so she and John brought us some money, which saved us from a major meltdown!

One of the first evenings, after all the children were down, we took this personality test to help get to know one another better (and ourselves I might add). It's interesting that out of the adults most of us have completely different personalities based on the test results, while 3 out of 10 had the exact same. It was a fun night of chatting and getting better understanding about one another. I highly recommend the quiz, it's only 4 questions and takes less than 5 minutes…go on, you know you want to try it!

Adam is a great breakfast maker so twice he's used his sous chef skills and made the boys all time favorite, pancakes and sausage as well as omelets with all kinds of fillings, its been delicious!

And here's Missy Hollywood! Is she not adorable?

We took a little Mother/Daughter walk along the beach, have I mentioned that she LOVES the water?

I love this precious little girl and look forward to the days we can talk and share what's on our minds. For now, I just do most of the talking and asking of questions, although she's beginning to babble along with me and sings a whole lot as of late, though I'm not sure what song. For now, I'll just imagine what she's thinking and try to anticipate her needs as they come. I'm certain she's thinking, "my goodness, that's a lot of water" and "oh how pretty the color of it is!"

Oh how I love being these kids Mom. It's one of THE.HARDEST.JOBS I've ever had, but its also quite rewarding. All week long I've been thanking God for all His many blessings and enjoying most of the moments. And during the hairier ones of this week, I just kept saying my life mantra..."joy in the journey".

These are memories I will cherish! I love their ages and how good of friends they are!

As I sit here looking through all the pictures and processing the last few days, my heart swells with love and gratefulness that God has been so kind toward me, that He's filled my quiver and satisfied my desires. He is such a good God and the fact that He desires a personal, one on one relationship, with me is amazing. The fact that He knows me and cares for me just as much (and more) then I care for these precious little people that He's entrusted to me, is an overwhelming thought right now!

What a great trip this has been. So thankful we have another day to soak it all up!

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