Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Surprise Party!

Yesterday, we celebrated an early, surprise birthday with my Mom. This year is a milestone birthday in that she turns 60 years young! (I do have to point out that she still has 21 days before her real birthday though!)

Whitney and I had told her we would go and have lunch then go do a little shopping. However, when she arrived, many of her closest friends and family members were there to surprise her! As we'd been thinking and planning the party, we knew we wanted to put together a book of funny stories and meaningful moments. So while Mom and Dad were recently at the beach I did some sleuthing around to find old pictures from her childhood up until now and was also able to contact some of her friends and family to write her letters with funny moments or with ways that she had impacted them. I think she was truly blessed by all that people shared! I do believe that "Operation: Surprise Mom" was a success!

We were going for a classic, southern-charm feel and I think we were able to pull it off!

We wanted to have a little party favor so we found these cute burlap bags…who doesn't need another bag to carry things in? I thought these were a great size, not too small and not too big!

There was a table with lots of pictures along with the memory book. I think people enjoyed looking at all the different pictures of her as a child, young girl and as an adult.

I just loved the southern-summer feel of the blue hydrangeas and pink roses! They just make me happy!

I thought using a coffee table book filled with beautifully decorated homes would be a fun way to house all the letters and notes that people sent in. The words that were written were so kind and thoughtful, I'm sure they were encouraging to her! A major theme to the letters and notes was my Mom's gift of hospitality and the way that she always opens her home up to friends and family, so when I found this lovely book called "The Welcoming Home" I thought it was perfect!

Here she's blowing out her candle, with wishes for another year blessed with fun!

These dear friends were all in a newly married Sunday school class together and it was fun to see them all reunited since they all now live in different cities!

Many friends came but some traveled much further than others. Thank you ladies for making the effort to be here whether you drove in from Northwest Arkansas, Conway or Texarkana, it was truly great to see you all. And for all those who wrote your funny stories and memories, thank you! I think she was truly blessed!

I think we pulled off quite a surprise! Happy early birthday Mom! You are very loved!

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  1. how fun! I love seeing all of those faces (especially Mrs P-- oh how I miss her!)


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