Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend In Review

Friday night Adam and I had a fun date night "Farm to Fork" event with the American Heart Association. We got the opportunity to go into Pulaski Tech's new Cooking and Hospitality School and it really was pretty impressive. They had areas laid out to look like everything from the inside of a hotel room, a hotel lobby to full blown commercial kitchens. It was really fun to participate.

Adam manned the grill for part of the meal, (he was cooking the duck).

Here was our duck, seared tuna and vegetables before they were all plated.

We got to meet Donnie Ferneau too! He was so nice and really friendly.

We enjoyed our tuna over quinoa, duck over faro (which I'd never had before--it's kind of like rice but looks like oatmeal) and then we had a caesar dressing over kale as our side salad (it was freshly made by me and I must say it had it all--anchovies, fresh squeezed lemon juice, garlic, greek yogurt, etc.) I liked everything but the kale, I didn't think I'd like it, and I didn't, but the rest was D-lish!

Saturday morning some friends and I helped to "Feather The Nest" for another friend who is having her fourth child but her first little girl. She's following in my footsteps and is truly in for a real treat with this sweet little bundle who'll be arriving at the end of May!

We had virgin mimosas (half orange juice, half sparkling grape juice).

We had scones and mini cinnamon rolls, muffins, fruit and breakfast casseroles to munch on.

It was fun hosting a shower for Stephanie!

Saturday night we took the boys to the opening Traveler's baseball game, it was a perfect night to kick off the season.



The boys enjoyed rolling down the hill and running around in the grassy field while we watched the game. They also got to partake of their first ever funnel cake, I'm pretty sure it was a completely successful taste testing…we had two!

And Peyton retrieved a foul ball and was pretty excited to get it!

And Ava Jane sat like a big girl loving on her baby doll pretty much the whole time we were there. She's just so precious! How about those cute little pudgy arms? I could just squeeze her cause I love her so!!

It was a beautiful weekend, the weather was near a perfect temperature and the colors of spring are everywhere! I'm loving this time of year! I do believe April and October might just be the two most perfect months in Arkansas!

Hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend, we sure did! The kids enjoyed some left over cupcakes out on the deck and Emerson gladly shared his with Ava Jane, how sweet is that?!!

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