Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catching Up...

The past week has been filled with lots of things some fun, some not so much:

I've enjoyed shopping for some new accents and artwork for the house. That was certainly on the fun end of the spectrum…

Potty Training a three year old who "can't go #2" on the potty but easily puts it out in a pull-up is an activity that happens to be at the complete opposite end of the "fun spectrum" for me, its probably right in there with torture. And because his favorite toys these days are all his cars, we've taken away his entire bucket of cars and he'll only get them back when he decides to put out in the potty and not his pull-up. We'll see how long that takes.

I have also been prepping my 16 meals for food co-op. That's 8 lbs of ground beef, 5 lbs of italian sausage, 24 eggs, 4 lbs of breakfast sausage and 2 bags of chicken breasts. It's not my favorite thing to cook 16 meals in 2 days but I must say it makes my days easier when I just open up my freezer and grab a ready to go meal. I really love food co-op!

Adam was in April's issue of Arkansas Life as part of the Red Tie Society with the American Heart Association, which he and Dr. Jones are co-chairing together. We're glad to be partnering with this organization.

We had a double date and went to dinner and a movie with some friends on Saturday. An adults night out was such fun, I enjoyed my Raspberry Collins, thanks for suggesting it Sam! Let's do it again soon!

On Monday, after Lawson's weekly allergy shot, I enjoyed having lunch with Adam and my three littlest peeps.

Somebody really loves cheese dip!

And in my "spare" time I've been doing a little painting (in about 4 rooms). I did call in some reinforcements to paint our two story entry as well as the stair case. I'm liking the neutral color (Sherwin Williams, Nomadic Desert). I must say that Sherwin Williams has been extremely helpful and accommodating. After purchasing 5 gallons of a color I thought I wanted then getting it on the walls and not liking it, they allowed me to return all 5 gallons, even the one 3/4's used and replaced all 5 gallons with what I was looking for! They've been so so helpful, so if you are doing a painting project feel confident in using them, they have excellent customer service!!

And just for the record, after all the rain and ups and downs in the temperature that has mostly been down, we're all ready for warmer weather…c'mon spring time, but we're really ready for summer, could you guess that from the swim mask?!

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