Friday, April 25, 2014

Good Times, Great Friends

I look forward to every Wednesday because I have a standing play date with some of my lifelong friends and their sweet kiddos! There is just something to be said for friendships that span decades and all kinds of seasons in life. There's a richness and a familiar "knowing" with friends whom you've known, some, since 2nd grade!

This past Wednesday we met at Pinnacle Mountain State Park and enjoyed the springtime sun and friendships young and old! It's really neat to watch our kiddos form relationships with one another.

Here's a few of our fun moments!

This is what 11 kids 8 and under look like. We have quite the crew, but I must say they are some really great kids! I love them all!

They're "following the leader, the leader, the leader. They're following the leader wherever he may go"!

It's always fun to throw rocks in the water and to dig in the dirt. Being outside is a dream for little boys and in this group we've got seven testosterone filled little guys and I love that they're such good friends!

And here's us Momma's! I love these ladies. It's encouraging to have friends who I can be honest and transparent with, who encourage and challenge me in my walk with God. Thanks ladies for being "iron sharpening iron"…I am blessed to call you friends!

Anytime there's a chance to watch a real live construction site, my boys are all about it. Lawson was mesmerized by all the big vehicles, but he wasn't the only one!

We've had a great week and are looking forward to a fun weekend filled with friends and family gatherings (from dinners with friends to the Heart Walk, a fish fry and Psalms First Communion). It's gonna be a packed weekend but it's all fun things and I'm really looking forward to it! Hope you've all had a fabulous Friday!!

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