Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend: He is Risen!

Friday night, instead of attending our churches Good Friday service we did a traditional Jewish Seder Meal. I'd never done this before though I had heard of it. Basically a Seder Meal is something that Jewish people do at Passover and everything on the table, as well as what is eaten, is all symbolic of something biblical. It was really neat to sit and remember all that the Israelites had gone through and to experience it with all my senses as we went through the Seder Meal. Our two littlest kids played in the playroom and watched a couple of shows while we went through the meal, it took about an hour for the first part so they definitely couldn't have sat through that portion. Throughout the meal we took turns reading both scripture as well as statements that declared who God is and what He's done for us. We went around and washed our hands, ate bitter herbs dipped in salt water, broke the matzah (unleavened, pierced bread), drank several rounds of grape juice (since we had kiddos with us), ate horseradish and charocet (a sweet, apple compote type mixture) which all were/are pictures of something to do with the Israelites slavery and eventual freedom from the Egyptians and ultimately symbolizes how God has offered each us freedom from our own sins. If you ever get the chance to do a Seder Meal I highly recommend it!

Here is our Seder Plate, lamb shank bone and all!

This is us going through the meal.

And afterwards, Gigi and G-Dad with some of the grands!

We enjoyed our Seder Meal together. It was good for the kids because, though it was deep with spiritual emphasis and biblical symbolism, they could touch, taste, feel, see and hear all that we've ever told them about the Israelites as when we read through the Jesus Storybook Bible with them.

Saturday we just laid low. We didn't have much on the agenda which was a nice reprieve. We dyed Easter eggs that afternoon, while Adam grilled chicken for fajitas, the boys had a fun time mixing the colors and making "their eggs".

Sunday, after naps, we went back to my parents house for an Easter egg hunt and dinner. The kids were super excited to find all their candy goodness and even a few with real money in them!

Here are the big cousins…Ava Jane and Emerson were a little harder to wrangle into the pictures.

Gigi helped Ava Jane find some eggs.

The big kids had no problem at all filling their baskets with plastic!

"I found a-nudder one Mom!"

Ava Jane was enthralled with her plastic eggs.

It was a fun weekend hanging out with family…we were glad to get to do it!

What a sweet girl I have!

Oh how I love this man, he truly has my whole heart!

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