Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Recap of 2013

Wow, I hardly believe that today is January 7, 2014. I've taken a slight blogging hiatus to take care of some very sick kids, one of which has been running a fever off and on since Dec. 27th and one who has been diagnosed with allergies, but there'll more about that in another post. So since I've had a little time to think about the past year I thought I 'd do a little remembering as we look forward into the newness and freshness of what 2014 might possibly hold for the Head family.

I started the year off by joining a Food Co-Op, that was (and still is) a HUGE blessing in my life. Though I don't enjoy the actual cooking of 16 meals per month for four families, I do enjoy a very stocked freezer where I can turn to when its been "one of those days". Thanks ladies for letting me be apart of it!

My sister got married

There were lots of firsts:
My first time to be diagnosed with scabies, no I mean pityriasis rosea or possibly psoriasis? But, no, thankfully it wasn't the life long struggle of psoriasis…once I got on the correct meds, Pitorisa Rosea was cleared up in a few weeks, thank goodness!

My first trip to Wye Mountain with the kids. The daffodils were so much fun to see and pick.

Our first time to really be acquainted with a cause, to really feel and see what research and development of procedures along with the education and skills of Doctors can do in the life of one precious little girl, our Ava Jane. We will forever be thankful to organizations like the Heart Association that does research and finds answers to problems and cures for heart related illnesses. It was our first time to do the Heart Walk, we will surely be there again this year, go Ava Jane's Angel's!

Lawson played soccer and t-ball for the first time.

It was Peyton's first year of t-ball and piano.

Our first time to pick blueberries…they were oh so yummy!

It was the first year since college that we've all been back in the same town…thank you Lord for such good friends to do life with…I've loved our regular playdates!!

My first ever hot air balloon ride, which was so fun and totally repeatable!

Ava Jane's First Birthday and 1 year pictures

And then we found out that the DNA test came back as "normal female chromosomal formation" so we no longer had to wonder about the possibility of Turner's Syndrome. Praise the Lord!!

Peyton got to go deer hunting and shoot the gun.

Adam and I celebrated our 10 years anniversary and truly enjoyed our trip to Cali.

I learned how to use my camera a little better.

I got to be Room Mom to Peyton's 1st grade class for the first time.

I got to experience Garvan Woodland Gardens and all its spectacular lights!

We enjoyed several trips:
To the lake…

To cheer on the Hogs, though it was a rough season, we still enjoyed being at our Alma Mater!

Out to beautiful Napa…part 1, , part 2, part 3.


There was the trip to Nashville…and seeing the "Batman building" as the boys like to call it…

And then up to the majestic Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg…part 1, part 2, part 3

I am so blessed. As I look back over this year I realize once again how fortunate I truly am and how very much I love these little people God has blessed me with. Some days are really, REALLY, hard. But I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my life, where God's put me and who He's placed in my path. I look forward with great expectation as to what this next year may hold for our family. Hope you all have had a great start to the year, and that you're blessed in 2014!

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