Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Emerson!

Three years ago today, God blessed us with our third little boy, Emerson Clark Head. He arrived on a day not too much different then today, it was literally a cold, snowy January 9th. He came early in the morning. We arrived at the hospital about 1:15 am, I got to the room, changed and was at 6 cm, not too long after that my water broke and I knew I wanted an Epidural so they quickly brought the Anaesthesiologist and within 2 and a 1/2 hours from our arrival, our precious little guy arrived, weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz and measuring 21 inches long. We loved him as soon as we met!

His brothers were thrilled to finally see him!

He was our red headed baby that turned into our most blonde headed little boy! Oh how I love those cheekers, are they not to die for?

Since then he has grown into a sweet little boy. He is the most loving these days, at bedtime, he can't just give you one kiss on one cheek, he must "do the udder one too"…and when he says it, Adam and I are quick to let him! He has always been able to self entertain pretty good, he's never left the table hungry (he regularly eats as much as I do--which I must say is quite impressive for a little person who weighs less then 35 lbs! He is our most polite child, with his "thank you Mom" and "Pleases" without prompting, he loves to sing at his maximum volume I must add. He's totally into Cars right now (and I mean like in the last 3 weeks he's become obsessed with all things Dinoco or Lightening, or Mater), he sleeps, every night for about 3 weeks now, with Lightening McQueen, and I must say I've been pretty impressed with his ability to keep up with that blessed red car in his pants or jacket pockets! He currently is pretty intense, and I mean he does EVERYTHING with gusto, at a top volume, with great force, whether its constantly "washing" his Lightening McQueen in the sink (we've gone through 2 bottles of liquid soap, can you imagine the amount of bubbles we've had floating in the air and around in the sinks here) or whether he's sitting and watching his favorite show, Super Why, when he realizes, oh, I'm thirsty, and then yells in his most demanding, whiney voice, "I need something to drrriiinnnnnkkkk!"--we're working on our tone and trying to use a whisper voice---which is pretty much futile! But this little boy is precious, he loves to sing "The Holy Song", "The Faithful Song" and to say his memory verses, he has quickly picked up on Psalm 23 because Lawson is memorizing it in his 4 year old class and regularly likes to quote it in the car…sweet Emerson can say most of it along with Lawson and I must admit it makes my eyes well up with tears to hear this little boy who has been 2 up until today, hiding God's word in his heart, it surely must make God smile. We love him dearly and can't imagine life without him, it'd much quieter, much cleaner, much more neat and things would stay in there place, but I'd miss the dirty hands; the constant, "please put my shoes on" (he has a fetish with that too); the "Momma, I wuv you's" and reading him the "Henry The Jetplane" book. Emerson is definitely intense but life would probably be real boring if he weren't in our family to keep us hopping and keep us on our toes.

We celebrated his life this morning over none other then Krispy Kreme sprinkle doughnuts…I think they were a hit!

I love these messy hands…

Happy Birthday sweet boy, we all love you to the moon and back!

For the last few months he's said he wanted a Dinosaur party anytime we asked him, so we'll be celebrating with friends and fossils on Saturday, it should be fun! Hope the weather is much, MUCH better!

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